Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hello....I'm baaaack.  Apologies for the silence.  I have been and continue to be very busy working on my anti-bullying fight.  I have gained considerable support and the interview with 'Take 5' magazine was published last week.  Gaining a lot of response from that which is very sad, but also excellent.  I am now looking at issuing a Press Release within the next few days (once my current contract as expired) for my own fight and recently I have been fortunate enough to meet an extremely inspirational group of paraplegic men, the 'Quad Squad'.  And what inspirational and wonderful men they are...I consider myself extremely priviledged to know them and the really wonderful aspect is that I have been 'taken onboard', even though I am able bodied.  I am about to start writing a book about them, about their group, their achievements thus far, their goals, aims and inspirations for the future.  All very very exciting.  This is now being done alongside my continued fight against bullying.

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