Thursday, November 3, 2011


Every day something seems to happen in my 'fight'.   I am starting to get a responses from the letters I have been issuing to all local Members of Parliament around the country.  Some are encouraging, others are needing encouragement.  Also continue to experience cyber-bullying which still doesn't worry me but does tell me that some people are concerned that we might actually succeed in this war.  That we are not doing what so many groups and the government are doing....creating and implementing programmes etc for the schools to use.  Along with specialist advice that the government has at its disposal, these are all wonderful and very well meaning but, to me and most people I am in contact with, they are not reality.  No matter how many programmes etc are implemented in the schools none of them is gonna stop Johnny from scaring the life out of Peter and holding him in a headlock and torturing him at every chance.  Nothing is gonna stop Mary and Anne from pushing Susie so much that she falls over and then ripping her clothes.  And nothing is gonna make either Peter nor Susie report these, not if they are being threatened in even one small way.  And if it continues, and it does, both Peter and Susie could wonder how in the hell they are gonna escape this torture, causing them to fear coming to school every day, to wake up scared.  What a way to live.  Well...that's just's not living and something real needs to be done before they start looking at hurting themselves.  COME ON WORLD.......WAKE UP.  I continue to need stories from victims and loved ones to act as ammunition to convince the government that something desperately needs to be done.  PLEASE if you are a victim and, like I was, are too scared to come forward to tell someone about your torture, your nightmare, please tell me about it, in absolute and total confidence.  My email address is:  There IS the chance your story could go public but that would never be done without your absolute approval and absolutely everything will always be treated with the utmost confidence. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Following at least four reported cases of bullying last week (one resulting in yet another suicide) I am now 'working' in co-operation with a journalist from our newspaper in Western Australia.  It appears that quite a few victims or loved ones approach their local MPs about their problems, obviously wanting to 'vent' but also hoping that something might be done.  NOW there IS a hope that SOMETHING just MIGHT be done.  My own MP is offering to send these people onto me (ONLY with their permission) with the chance that their stories might be publicised.  I will decide whether they are newsworthy or not.  Having also had a very unsatisfactory (but typical) response from our Minister for Education (to which I will be responding, politedly but pointedly telling her that I will NOT back down and let them deal with it...their 'dealing' is not working...not from what I can see anyway and we want action...we want EFFECTIVE handling and outcomes/results to be known).  BUT we are also looking for 'ammunition' with this fight....PLEASE if you have been a victim or a loved one, I NEED TO HEAR YOUR STORY.  Please inbox me at  The more the better.  This offer is also being made to all electorates in WA as I continue to hassle the government   Please just remember that the more GENUINE stories we have the more likely it will be that the government will take notice.   NO NAMES WILL BE MENTIONED, NOR SCHOOLS OR ANY INSTITUTIONS AT ALL.  EVERYTHING WILL REMAIN TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL.  Cases of cyber-bullying are particularly of interest but we are looking for any form of bullying.  PLEASE HELP WITH THIS...WE NEED YOUR HELP.   Thank you.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Seems we are reaching the SA Government....and hoping the other states will follow suit.  Have been given some invaluable advice from a journo here, which I will be following this week.  All sorts of things are happening...we are determined to change/tighten up the anti-bullying policies nationwide.  For those who are interested in seeing something positive being done about bullying and supporting our advocacy, PLEASE sign our petition:   .  Have also had an excellent review for 'Bullseye':   written by a teacher in the USA:  'I spent some time with 'Bullseye' and think that it's a powerful book for two reasons:  it's poignantly real and it's in the voices of many people who were brave enough to share their story.  This is a great book for those who have faced similar problems and will give strength to their voices.  Inasmuch as bullying is so timeless and so pervasive and takes on so many forms, it would be hard to write solutions for every problem inscribed.  As a reader, I wanted to know more background of the victims, such as age, and situation.  Also, it would be nice to revisit with the victims after 10 years and get again, in their own words, how they've come to grips as they've faced their memories of the bullying.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Things are really starting to happen quickly now.  Have just done another radio interview which is terrific.  Also had a brilliant weekend down south at Dwellinghup with the leader of 'Against The Grain', the awesome group of disabled men that I am now writing a book about, along with around twelve other men, all of whom are in a riding group.  It really was a heck of a lot of fun and laughs.  Am turning up the heat with both causes now as things are really starting to happen.  All soooo good.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


With the bullying epidemic becoming a horrible and often deadly phenomenon, Perth author and anti-bullying advocate Lannah Sawers-Diggins is using her own experience as a victim to 'fight' back.  Lannah is offering to speak with students and community groups across Australia, to educate and raise awareness about bullying.
Published last year, Lannah's book 'BULLSEYE' is a collection of 36 case histories of victims and perpetrators of bullying.  'Doing this book was extremely therapeutic for me and for the contributors to the book,' says Lannah.  'With this in mind, I decided to take it further and with my growing little army, we are trying to make a difference in the 'fight' against bullying.'
Schools are breeding grounds  for bullying, resulting in a recent spate of youth suicide.  One of the more grim case studies featured in 'BULLSEYE' describes how a victim tried to hang himself.  He would have succeeded had the knot on his jacket not come undone.  The victim's family further suffered, with this mother mis-carrying due to emotional stress.  While his mother was involved with the school committee and was actually on the school grounds for most of the day that her child tried to take his life, she was mortified to be informed not by any of the staff, but by the daughter of a friend.  This case, says Lannah, like many others, highlights the lack of action and naivety of the victims' school staff, who commonly think that just by simply having an anti-bullying policy, bullying is being addressed and will be eliminated.
While many schools have anti-bullying policies, Lannah has little faith in their effectiveness.  'I am increasingly hearing stories about bullies almost being rewarded and the victims are the ones being penalized,' explains Lannah.  'Bullies have virtually been given a slap on the wrist with so-called punishment being 'fun tasks' - a simple distraction from class or sometimes no punishment whatsoever, as opposed to serious discipline,' she says.  In one case, Lannah tells of a victim who had problems when she began at a new school.  She was kicked by a group of girls who said they would be her friends.  When she met them, they kicked and punched her, tearing her dress.  The incident was brought to the Principal's attention where he merely asked, 'What do you want me to do about it?'
Lannah is encouraging victims to come forward and speak of their suffering in complete confidence, to prevent what many see as their only way out - suicide.  She is also reaching out to perpetrators themselves, so they can understand the consequences of their damaging behaviour.  It is this awareness that Lannah hopes will make bullies think twice and curb incidents.  She says that students are often too scared to come forward and subsequently schools cannot truly address the issue, as they only have a minority of complaints to go by.  'There is something very wrong with the system or the schools themselves.'
Lannah has also recently personally experienced cyber-bullying and can fully understand why this form could be as lethal as any other for vulnerable young people.
In her ongoing campaign to raise awareness and educate, Lannah is determined to make a difference.  'If we can stop one victim from committing or considering suicide or turn a bully's thoughts and actions around, or change the attitudes of the schools themselves and parents, then it will all be worth it,' explains Lannah.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Due to my tell-all interview in 'Take 5', I am receiving enquiries from people trying to purchase copies of 'Bullseye'.  It is available (in paperback and eform I believe) from the Amazon site (put my name - Lannah Sawers-Diggins in the appropriate box) and for Perth locals, it is also available in paperback from the Newspower Broadway News, Shop 29 Broadway Fair Shopping Centre, 88 Broadway, Nedlands.  6009.


Hello....I'm baaaack.  Apologies for the silence.  I have been and continue to be very busy working on my anti-bullying fight.  I have gained considerable support and the interview with 'Take 5' magazine was published last week.  Gaining a lot of response from that which is very sad, but also excellent.  I am now looking at issuing a Press Release within the next few days (once my current contract as expired) for my own fight and recently I have been fortunate enough to meet an extremely inspirational group of paraplegic men, the 'Quad Squad'.  And what inspirational and wonderful men they are...I consider myself extremely priviledged to know them and the really wonderful aspect is that I have been 'taken onboard', even though I am able bodied.  I am about to start writing a book about them, about their group, their achievements thus far, their goals, aims and inspirations for the future.  All very very exciting.  This is now being done alongside my continued fight against bullying.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


The last couple of weeks have been very intense and even more exciting than usual.  YES!  I am starting to gain a lot of very positive response from the schools in WA - I am about half way through the list and will continue after repeating this with the SA schools.  I am going over to SA at the end of May and hope to visit a few if possible.  One of the recipients of one of my school letters in WA is a freelance journalist and I have been busy putting together an interview, 'breaking my silence' about my own experience, also those of both my daughters, both their partners, my niece, my husband, my niece and countless others that I am constantly hearing about.  I am now starting to gain a lot more interest and support locally, nationally and overseas.  All so very sad yet so very good.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


The fight continues and things are looking pretty good.  It looks like I have another interview to do which is brilliant.....all helps.  Other things happening too....schools are going well....everything's going well.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's All Good

Bullying is not decreasing with more cases being brought to my attention every day.  It's horrible.  And I know it is not going to stop (not in my lifetime anyway) but my fight to help victims and increase awareness throughout the schools and the general public is gradually working. 

I am about half way through the list of WA schools, sending letters to all of them and I am now starting to get a very good, positive response.  This is fantastic, to see that some of these parents do actually care and do want to do something about this horrible act.

Once I have covered the WA schools I will move onto the SA ones and then the rest of the nation.  A mammoth job, one that I am thriving on as the responses/reactions start reaching me and SUCH a worthy cause.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bits n Bobs

With the new school year returning this week, I am about to start sending letters to all the appropriate people - NOT the staff, after I learned those few things about the schools and education system throughout the nation last year.  The strategy I was using then was not correct.  

I am also adding a 'How I Did It' or similar to both my websites as I continue to receive enquiries about this.  Also continue getting enquiries from other hopeful authors for help with their manuscripts and just how to do it, trying to become published writers.  I am helping those that I can.  Am starting to get a few offers for help from the public generally too, which is FANTASTIC and is something I am really looking for.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Now that January has all but gone (WHERE?????) and the new year well underway things are starting to happen again.  School holidays are finishing this week.  Having children who are now well into their twenties I no longer take a lot of notice of that.  But I am working on my change of strategy when it comes to my approach to the schools and hoping that 'The Western Australian' newspaper might be a bit of help with this and will be prepared to act on this one or two weeks into the new school year.  

As you would realise all the notes that are being entered here and on 'Bullseye's' facebook page, Twitter and Linkedin are the thoughts/ideas of someone (me) who is a newcomer to the world of publishing and doing her own marketing.  It is very much a learning curve and as I am meeting some wonderful people and making some excellent contacts (eg Jimmy Barnes), working on new suggestions/throughts and preparing to put them into action I am simply putting my thoughts and actions 'out there' this way so the public can follow (those who are interested).  

As mentioned the more support I can get the better.  I think my main focus at the moment is on the schools and education system. I am now also working on my autobiography which I am being asked about.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Yay! More News

Much to my surprise an article on 'Bullseye' and me was recently published in the Perth community newspaper, 'The Western Suburbs Weekly' last week.  It is the same article that was published in 'The Melville Herald' a few months ago.  A very pleasant surprise yesterday.  

I have also had contact from the 'Western Australian' newspaper and it looks like they are going to do a review.  Have just sent a couple of copies off to the 'Sacramento Book Reviewers' for them to do a review and another copy to 'ONYA' Magazine in Melbourne as they have also said they will also do a review.  It is all starting to happen again which is great.  

The other thing I will always need is public support, so PLEASE if you are even the slightest bit interested in trying to help do something about this horrible phenomenon that is bullying, contact me via either of my websites... and 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Settling in to '11

A new year is here (well and truly) and as people settle back into 'normal' routine, a few more major things are starting to happen again.  I now have two more people writing testimonials for me, which is fantastic.  The anti-bullying group, 'Enough is Enough': is adding Bullseye to its website, along with an article about me apparently, which is FANtastic.  In turn I am helping them where and when I can.  With the new school term beginning in a couple of weeks I will be starting a much 'heavier' campaign in contacting as many schools in WA and SA (initially) as possible but changing my strategy, as mentioned in an earlier blog entry.  I am also starting to gain more support from the public which is another huge plus...but can never have too many....not in this particular fight.  Everyone is welcome.  All great so far.

(NOTE:  Apologies, the previous post was meant to be about a week ago ... the blog editor [Lannah's daughter] got a little sidetracked ... whoops!)
Hello again.  I think the peace and quiet of the Festive Season is coming to an end.  I have been receiving replies from a few people I had emailed prior to Christmas about different things to do with 'Bullseye'.  All good and does mean I will be able to start putting some of my plans for the year into action shortly.  Looks like I possibly have another celebrity coming onboard too.  I am beginning to realise just how little I have been aware as to the extent and depth of this horrible phenomenon around the world.  All the more reason to keep pushing for 'Bullseye' and my cause generally and to continue trying to encourage people who do wish to help in some way or another to contact me.  The more we have the stronger we will be.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Plans

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR.  It's a brand new year (Ok, so the first three days have all but vanished already...ouch) and many, many plans to put into action for 'Bullseye' in the coming weeks.  I am so excited about it....little things have continued to happen almost daily all through the Festive Season....all good, which is wonderful.   

I have set up a second website, especially for 'Bullseye' and the fight against bullying.  It has now been launched ( ) and I am also still working on Twitter, Linkedin and ever faithful Facebook.  It is all soo good....have so many plans etc.  

Watch this space.......