Sunday, September 25, 2011


Seems we are reaching the SA Government....and hoping the other states will follow suit.  Have been given some invaluable advice from a journo here, which I will be following this week.  All sorts of things are happening...we are determined to change/tighten up the anti-bullying policies nationwide.  For those who are interested in seeing something positive being done about bullying and supporting our advocacy, PLEASE sign our petition:   .  Have also had an excellent review for 'Bullseye':   written by a teacher in the USA:  'I spent some time with 'Bullseye' and think that it's a powerful book for two reasons:  it's poignantly real and it's in the voices of many people who were brave enough to share their story.  This is a great book for those who have faced similar problems and will give strength to their voices.  Inasmuch as bullying is so timeless and so pervasive and takes on so many forms, it would be hard to write solutions for every problem inscribed.  As a reader, I wanted to know more background of the victims, such as age, and situation.  Also, it would be nice to revisit with the victims after 10 years and get again, in their own words, how they've come to grips as they've faced their memories of the bullying.

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