Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

With Christmas and the 'holidays' (for those who are lucky enough to be getting a break) upon us, different ideas, thoughts and strategies are coming thick and fast, which is terrific, all keeping me very busy, along with all the usual activities which are normally part and parcel with this time of the year.  

I am off to South Australia at the end of the week, which I am looking forward to with mixed emotions.  Not actually taking any time off work but I am looking forward to a tiny bit of 'me time'.  

Even though we are into this stage of the year, little things do continue to happen, or I hear of a different approach to something, or whatever....all food for thought and I continue to gain 'ammunition.'  

I have LOTS to work with for the new year.

Friday, December 17, 2010

As Christmas Draws Nearer

A week has passed and I haven't done an entry.  Ouch.  I have actually been quite ill this week so have let things slide a bit.  BUT before I became ill, I had wonderful news on the celebrity front and I will share this with everyone early in the new year.  

Other things are happening, slowly but surely, too.  Although with Christmas upon us, everything is slowing down somewhat and I am focussing more on my strategies for 2011, including my renewed 'attack' on the Education Dept (have not heard a lot of good things about those people from anyone who has had anything to do with bullying in school yards) and on the schools themselves, just a different approach.  

It does appear one of the contributors to 'Bullseye' has not exactly been idle in her own cause of trying to stop bullying.  I had a wonderful (but very sad) letter from her a week or so ago and it looks like we might work in co-operation with each other in the future.  

Also had feedback from a psychologist in the eastern states.   I had contacted her to ask if, if I sent her a copy, would she be good enough to provide me with a testamonial.  Her response was fair, but worried me (for some reason).  She would provide a testamonial IF she felt it was suitable.  I received a message late last week....she is happy to do one (YES) and is doing it while on her Christmas break.

Stay tuned......

Friday, December 10, 2010

Acknowledging the Truth

Hello once again.  Things continue to move slowly but surely.  The feedback and testimonials are coming in thick and fast now and all have been very positive.  A few have carried constructive criticism and many appear to have a couple of common threads:  will there be a sequel, a 'Bullseye II'?  

And one of my goals does gradually appear to be on its way to achievement:  people are starting to mention just how stunned they are with the enormity and severity of this phenomenon.  There is still the wish to see 'Bullseye' out there, still hoping that given the chance it could do a huge amount of good.  I have had feedback from a few mothers, a couple of teachers and there are a few coming from psychologists and counsellors.  

I have also joined a couple of groups, hoping we might be able to help each other, and some more of the bullying websites have responded to earlier emails.  I continue sending emails out to these people.  I am also deeply into research of the main stream publishing houses, in an effort to help other would-be authors realise their dreams.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Windows of opportunity

Little things still continue to happen each day.  I am getting respnses from quite a few of the other websites now, all eager to help and take anything I have to offer, which is fantastic.  'Bullseye' and I are even being 'put' on a couple of their websites and I hope to add links to their sites on my own.  Have also had a suggestion for a possible TV interivew on a book programme so am looking into that.  

Meanwhile I have just submitted a manuscript to a couple of publishers on behalf of one of the hopeful writers I am looking after.  Looking at other possible publishers as well and also helping another writer, with the possibility of a third at the moment.  It's all go and it's all good.  

Am also looking at joining another couple of book-related sites all of which should help exposure.   'Bullseye' was included in a book magazine which has world wide distribution recently.  All good.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Busy as the bells jingle

Goodness!!!!   Methinks Christmas must be coming.....or if not...HELLLP.  I am suddenly being inundated with websites and newsletters about websites, all offering to have 'Bullseye' listed etc etc etc.  What BRILLIANT exposure.  And I am gonna make the most of every little bit of it.  

Also receiving a lot more feedback and testimonials from - all over the place.  Wonderful.  These are now being added to my website, as has a photo of me (yechhhhhh!!!).  Have more suggestions for even more potential exposure and am sending a couple more books out tomorrow.  Have also started receiving even more inquiries from other potential writers asking me for help.  Am really enjoying all this.  The more the better as far as I am concerned.

Questions, answers, learning and life's experiences

Wow.......the first few testimonials have come in.  Absolutely wonderful.  I am rather overwhelmed....I expected them to be OK but not echo my feelings almost exactly with the added comments.  These will all be added to my website eventually too.  I am also having a (decent....well as decent as possible) photo of myself put on there.  Not sure that I WANT to but am bowing somewhat to pressure.  

Other wonderful things continue to happen too, all will (or should) be out in the open soon.  Some of the knowledge I am learning is not great and might not ever be made public.   I have made a start on my own autobiography, which will include the two questions I am being asked repeatedly at the moment:  'What IS life like in the outback?' and 'How DID I do it?'.  I am enjoying this all so much, including helping two potential writers prepare their manuscripts for possible publication.  It's all very much a learning curve for me too.  I hope to help more potential authors in the future too.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Year, New Plans

Christmas is very quickly approaching and with the Festive Season well and truly underway, my marketing for 'Bullseye' is slowing down temporarily.  

During the holiday period (well....holidays for many...I won't be taking a break apart from the normal public holidays) I will be working on my school strategy, which as mentioned I am changing in light of recent information I have been provided with.  I am still awaiting some testimonials and they will arrive eventually, favourably hopefully.  The feedback that is arriving from the contributors etc has been wonderful thus far.  

As 'Bullseye' becomes better known, and in turn I do too, I am finding that a lot of people are asking how I did it.   I am trying to answer these enquiries as I can and I am having other potential authors asking for my assistance, which I am more than happy to provide, where I can.  I am helping three people to prepare their manuscripts for possible publication at the moment and will continue with this through the Christmas period.  While I cannot help everyone, I am taking all that I can and working with these people to realise their dreams, if possible.  

I have also started work on my own autobiography as I am gaining a lot of interest in my background, my life in the outback.  So this will all be happening during the Christmas break.  For those of you who do not know, I am also a wife and Mum and I work full time and very long hours.  I have recently had a birthday, the most wonderful birthday, thanks to my family and friends, and....for is just starting.

Christmas Is Coming

Having a few rather interesting things happen and starting to 'uncover' a few interesting facts.  Also starting to receive quite a lot of feedback which has all been very positive so far.  Have a couple of testimonials being written which is also terrific.  Also possibly have support from a celebrity which is brilliant.  Not confirmed yet but I live in hope.  All going really well.  

Will now slow down with Christmas almost upon us and concentrate on contacting other bullying websites around the world (starting to receive positive responses here too), along with preparing 'snail mail' letters to issue to schools, from a different angle.  This has been recommended to me so will follow up on this idea.  But no point sending them until the new year when the start of the new school year is nearing.  

But everything is great....really exciting.  Having a few downers here and there, but that's to be expected and the highs are still well and truly winning.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fighting for the Cause

Have had reports of a few sales in the USA, which is great.  And it does appear that interest is gradually gaining momentum here as well.  This marketing battle is a long, hard slog but I also do consider it to be an intense labour of love as my passion for making a difference out there in this battle against bullying is only causing me to change tacks/rethink a strategy or two and the more negativity/rejections/ignorance I receive, the more determined it is making me.  

The schools seem to continue to be in denial, or it does appear that the information I was provided with last week could well be absolutely true and, while that is staying under the belt for the moment, as I learn new things, some of which are not for public knowledge yet, but are certainly adding to my ammunition .... I have decided to focus on another area in the education area and see how that goes.   

Through all this I am also meeting a few other authors who have published similar sorts of books (not on bullying) and everything I am experiencing seems to be in common with these people.   Some of them have had success, others are starting to feel it, others are still fighting and will continue to.  They have all told me NEVER to give up, that the fight and 'Bullseye' itself are FAR too important.  So I won't.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bullseye jumps on the Twitter bandwagon!

Yup, that's right!  We're going full force and establishing our own Twitter page; you can find us (and follow if you'd be so wonderful :)) at!

Next step:  LinkedIn!  More news on that when it's ready...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Keeping Positive

Have had a few slowish days although small things have continued to happen, which is all lovely and does add to the big picture.  

A shipment of books arrived yesterday so I have just prepared copies for most of the remainder of the contributors (had already sent three) as well as two extra to one who had requested them.  Have also put a few copies into my local newsagent as a 'guinea pig' to see how they go.  As they are dealing direct with me (at this stage) I am 'giving' them their copies at cost price to keep that within reasonable range for their potential customers.  This won't happen at other outlets.  

Have also heard from a psychologist who has said she would consider doing a testimonial for me, which is great news.  Have to email a copy to her tonight.  

Also had contact with the local community newspaper for this area yesterday and they are looking at doing an article on the cover artist, Rebecca Trinca, the newsagent here and me.  We all work in the same shopping centre, but live elsewhere, at least I do.  Have no idea where the other two live.  

Anyway, things are moving for the positive....all good.

Stay tuned.

Monday, November 22, 2010


I am gradually gaining contact with a few very interesting people in my efforts to get both my camaign and 'Bullseye' into the public arena.  

One area I have never had much to do with and does seem to be increasing, sadly, is cyber-bullying, so I will be devoting some time and effort to learning more about this side of this hideous phenomena.  I have now had contact with a couple more bullying sites in the eastern states and it will be a matter of 'you show me yours, I'll show you mine' ... ie supporting, helping each other as time progresses.  One person asked me to send a copy of the book which I have done.  Have also sent complimentary copies to three more people in WA, so only time will tell what happens there.  

Had contact with a psychologist yesterday and hoping more will come of that in time.  Also started focussing more on my home state of South Australia and had a piece published on a site over there.  One aspect that I have been wrong about in one way, but right in another, is the schools' reactions to any bullying which occurs on their grounds.  I had thought they might be in denial about it, but I was told something very interesting last week.  Not for publication as yet but certainly something more for my 'ammunition'.  

I will now be bi-passing (sp???) most schools and aiming straight to the top, as has been recommended by many people.  Just trying to find an appropriate contact now.

Once again......stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Little Obstacles and Bigger Progress

As mentioned in an earlier entry, it does seem that something, however small or big, seems to happen almost daily.  And this continues, even if it is only one small thing.  I applied for my ABN on Tuesday evening, and apparently the Tax Department has taken exception to it and it is on hold for a mandatory eight days.  The people who run the site that I applied through have been wonderful in keeping me up to date on progress.  

I have also started to contact all sorts of websites and this is also starting to get a response.  Just had a call from Sydney about it but need to return it so I will be doing that later today.  

Have also selected three celebrities and have emailed one of these, in Qld.  I will be sending a complimentary book to a second one this afternoon and the third I know indirectly so awaiting a response email from my 'contact person' on that one.  

Have also established contact with the wonderful lady who runs the company which acts as the Australian distributor for Xlibris (she is a fellow Xlibris author) and she is being just so helpful and encouraging.  

It's all very exciting.  I am loving this even when I get a rejection.  The highs are well and truly beginning to outnumber the lows.  Stay tuned.......

Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Step for Bullseye!

I think I am FINALLY getting the media (as in TV) to sit up and take notice.  I did the deadly deed yesterday and actually rang one of the channels (only because they do not have any alternative way to 'Contact me' other than phone or snail mail).  I spoke with a couple of really lovely people and both were very helpful.  I told them about my cause and when they appeared to be interested, they gave me an email address and I sent one off last night.  I do not expect to have any sort of response for a while as I would feel they would be looking at ways they can use my story.....I hope.  

I have heard back from another school which is showing interest.  And the lady who bought a copy through my website responded to my emails and I dropped hers off yesterday afternoon.  She seems to be really lovely, is very supportive of my cause and was full of compliments about the cover art.  I told her about the lovely artist, local Rebecca Trinca and how some people had wondered why I chose such a cover for the book.  As mentioned (and as this lady said) it is a lovely country piece, promoting peace and harmony......EXACTLY what I am wanting.  Couldn't be more perfect.  

I am also still trying to contact celebrities and was given a website with heaps of addresses yesterday so plan to contact as many as possible...the more the merrier, as many of them won't even hear about my cause from me...hopefully they will through the media eventually though.  

This continues to be soooo exciting.......stay tuned  Open-mouth smile

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Facing Fears

Hello.  Here I am again.  I have just returned from a WONderful day and night down south in Busselton.  As part of my birthday present.  Had a brilliant weekend actually....completely and thoroughly spoiled and lapped up every nano-second.  YES.  And I have come back full of exciting plans for 'Bullseye'.  

First and foremost, I have decided to go in a slightly different direction, while still contacting celebrities, media, schools and anyone and everyone that I can think of to bug.....hehehehehe (very evil chuckle).  But I came to a realisation this morning that I am actually declaring war on bullying....and using 'Bullseye' as the focal part of my ammunition.  But when contacting the media I am shifting the attention from 'Bullseye' to the war itself ...... This may not seem very exciting to you, but it is to me.  

I am still sending emails and 'Contact Forms' to the media...for the moment, but if I can't get more response than I have already had (and I will not be bugging those that have been good enough to respond again)  I will then start doing the deadly deed....and RING people....which is HUGE step for me, being the ultimate phonophobic.....I HATE using the phone and will avoid it like the plague.  And I decided getting some celebrity support is a must too, for something like another set of emails has been issued for that.  And then of course there is always snail mentioned before....

Stay tuned.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Day, Another Step

Things continue to happen ... 'Bullseye' continues to progress even if only in the smallest way, each day.  Visitors to my website appear to be growing daily, occasionally dipping but then appearing to make up for that.  I am continuing to send snail mail to schools thoughout WA and SA, and am getting some response.  Have also decided to contact some of the 'big wigs' in the education department and trying to contact some celebrities in Australia, as I understand many of them are very much against bullying and IF .... and that is a HUGE IF.....I can contact some of these people and get my message across to them ... well, who knows what could happen.  Again, stay tuned.....

First Lesson Learned

Ok....I've just made my (first???) mistake.  I thought I was being very clever in sending a 'Review Copy' to my local bookshop.   I enclosed an SSAE and today, it came back.  As I hadn't heard anything I wasn't really surprised but was a bit hesitant about reading any comments.  I shouldn't have been.  The person was wonderful.  Thanked me for sending the book but also mentioned (and, no, I didn't think of this) that as this is the lead up to the busiest time of the year (er...yea...Christmas...) they are not accepting any self-published books for the rest of this year.  And that is absolutely fair but..... Okkkk...didn't occur to me.  So I have emailed a response, asking if I could possibly still consider it for next year.  So my fingers are crossed.  Again, I am half not expecting a response but will contact them again next year anyway.  

Daughter told me about a brilliant anti-bullying campaign in the USA which (if we can locate the official website for it) I plan to visit and contact.  

Continuing with the schools here, but not emailing.  Will now send by snail mail.  Also visited some bullying websites in Australia, including an association of psychologists/counsellors, and did email them last night.  Will post any results from that.  

Contacted the person from one of the colleges here about the copy she asked me to send last week....she has yet to read the book (which I expected and does appear to be the cause of the delay with quite a few responding) but says she will probably have questions, so I am ready for that.  

Bring it on!!!  I am thriving on this.....stay tuned. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Old Sayings Ring True

Things are progressing nicely.  I have now had positive responses from four schools and have only contacted a few so far.  Also about to gain direct contact (for snail mail) for the appropriate people in some parts of the media, along with community newspapers, although I have already started that and had a very positive response.  

While it all looks like sun and roses, believe me it is HARD work.  I am learning very quickly that the old saying well and truly applies in a book self marketing campaign....'if at first you don't succeed, try, try again'....and KEEP trying.....don't give up.   I am reading all sorts of advice and suggestions all of which I am trying to follow.  Some things I would never have considered so it's exciting to look at new avenues.  And I have finally been able to order some more books from my publisher, which is terrific.  They are on their way as I write.  

There are a lot of little things happening too, many of which escape my memory unless I am actually working on them when I write my blog entry.  But I do keep lists.  In fact along with my diary I have two other books is for all contacts, with all appropriate contact details, dates etc and notes about progress, and the other is my Marketing Plan, which I have been told is essential when it comes to marketing a book....and I am really beginning to believe.  Visitors to my ABC Publishing website are shooting up which is awesome and I have had one review written on  This is absolutely wonderful.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


As I said in my last entry, something really matter how big, or small....seems to happen very day at the moment.  

I am in the process of finding out (surfing the net???) the correct contact details of a lot of different schools in WA and SA.  This is a very time consuming effort and not the easiest.  Some I can email, only to have them bounced back.  I have now done a draft letter for those that do bounce back ... but I have a success story already with one, and I have really only just begun this search.  This particular school is interested in using 'Bullseye' for one of their projects and are planning to have an 'author' evening.  YES!!!  This is just.....sooooooo....exciting.  

There is something always going on at the moment.  Also contacting the local press to try to get an article done for a signing which I am trying to organise for my local work newsagent.  There should be interest in this as this actually highlights three 'local' businesses/people.  The newsagency itself, the artist of the superb cover art (Rebecca Trinca), who works in the camera shop in the centre, and of  

This is all so exciting, but none of it is happening without a lot of hard work.  And that's something I am realising very quickly, and there are times when it is disappointing...when something does not happen as I'd hoped, but overall the positives are well and truly outnumbering the negatives.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Journey Continues

This is really exciting.  Each new day seems to bring something....small or the progress of the marketing of 'Bullseye'.  

Today I went to my local (work) newsagent to buy a magazine....well, any magazines I could, about writing....anything to help with the marketing.  The weird thing is I didn't even consider that particular newsagent (nor my local one near home, for that matter....but I am now) when I drew up my list of newsagents/bookshops etc to send press releases to, or to offer complimentary copies of the book.  Anyway, I chose one magazine and went to pay for it, only to have the owner ask me who the writer is.  He was quite stunned, and I was equally stunned at his reaction.  Don't ask me why.  But then I was stunned that I hadn't thought of approaching them.  He asked (with tongue in cheek) when we are going to have a signing.  I laughed at him and walked away....and then started thinking......  .  Next time I went down there, I took a copy of the interview I did for my local paper.  Now my mind was really buzzing with all sorts of exciting possibilities.  Back I went a bit later, with a copy of 'Bullseye' (only on loan for the afternoon) and some business cards.  Then I left them alone until I was about to leave for the day.  That's when it happened.  The owner offered to put six copies....six wonderful copies....out for sale.  YES.  So I now have to get that in motion and order some books in quick smart.  

One of the wonderful contributors also emailed me this morning, telling me just how much this has meant to her and done for her.  THAT's partly what it's all about.  She has also asked for two more copies.....since (at this early stage) I still have to source mine from my overseas publisher, I am now madly trying to get hold of a heap.  

One of the girls at work received a phone call today and suddenly came out to me (I'm receptionist) asking me if I had done the interview for the paper....someone she knew had seen it and rang her about it.  So then it well and truly became public knowledge at work.  Again, I had not thought of actually mentioning it at work, but now it is out.  I will be contacting the local paper to see if they want to do an article around the time that the newsagent will be given his initial six copies.  I also plan to follow the instructions in that magazine and issue a huge press release to all schools in WA and start.  And see how that goes.  I have already contacted some and there does seem to be interest.

Stay tuned.  

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Journey So Far...

Well, by all accounts it does appear that 'Bullseye' is on its way.  Not sure where to, but does appear to be on its way somewhere.

Seems a couple of the larger national booksellers have picked it up and I am working on any others that I know of.  Anyway, it's all good, so far.  A heck of a lot of hard work, and I would be lost without the support of my family and a few others, but we are getting there....and I think we are winning.  

I am a tad overwhelmed by the response to date, actually.....'Bullseye' was only released a few weeks ago, and I understand is doing quite comfortably in the USA (though as of today I do not have figures to confirm, or not, this) and is starting to look very nice here in good old Australia.  Although I still have a lot of work ahead of me to really persuade the media that the public and Australia generally really need this book.  Also contacting many schools, starting with those with which I have had some sort of association through the years (either personally or through my daughters) and telling their counsellors how much they need this book.  

At the moment I am mainly focussing on WA and SA.  I have begun receiving enquiries and the odd order (from my, through my email address,, which is also terrific.  Keeping lists, plans, and getting paperwork done and up to date, names, addresses, contacts....the lot....all keeping me busy.  As I also work full time I really AM finding life has sped up somewhat.  As yet have not received much feedback so am waiting for that.  I have had one interview done through the local community newspaper and am contacting as many other media outlets (radio mainly) as possible.  

Will keep you posted.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bullseye hits the press!

From the Melville Times, 26th October 2010
- Felicity Harrold

BEING taunted and bullied during her childhood years will stick with one local resident forever, but now she is releasing a book in an attempt to get people to realise just how serious bullying can be.

Alfred Cove author Lannah Sawers-Diggins has just released the confronting book which is a collection of case histories submitted by 36 victims who have been traumatised by a bully.

"I was bullied heavily many years ago and it was pure hell.  It happened before bullying was really recognised and acknowledged and was something that was hard to speak about," she said.

"I started compiling Bullseye a couple of years ago to get people to recognise that bullying is really a very serious and controversial thing that is still happening today and will continue."

Sawers-Diggins said she started writing several years ago as a therapeutic tool.  She would write down her experiences and share them with about 200 of her pen pals.

In the book, bully victims share their emotional and hard-hitting experiences from school days to the work places.

"People talk about the pain they went through and what it drove them to do.

"My main angle initially was just to put their stories on paper as a therapeutic tool, but I am also trying to get the message across to stop bullying," she said.

"The book is designed to target the bullies, the bullied and the public in an attempt to get more recognition about how serious bullying is and how badly it affects people.  We need to make a stand to stop bullying."

Visit or to order a copy.

Bullseye Is Launched...

Welcome to the "Bullseye" blog!

This book has just been released and you can track its progress here, and write any comments or feedback ... all is welcome, the more the better!  (But nothing nasty! :))

For more information please feel free to visit the website.