Monday, November 22, 2010


I am gradually gaining contact with a few very interesting people in my efforts to get both my camaign and 'Bullseye' into the public arena.  

One area I have never had much to do with and does seem to be increasing, sadly, is cyber-bullying, so I will be devoting some time and effort to learning more about this side of this hideous phenomena.  I have now had contact with a couple more bullying sites in the eastern states and it will be a matter of 'you show me yours, I'll show you mine' ... ie supporting, helping each other as time progresses.  One person asked me to send a copy of the book which I have done.  Have also sent complimentary copies to three more people in WA, so only time will tell what happens there.  

Had contact with a psychologist yesterday and hoping more will come of that in time.  Also started focussing more on my home state of South Australia and had a piece published on a site over there.  One aspect that I have been wrong about in one way, but right in another, is the schools' reactions to any bullying which occurs on their grounds.  I had thought they might be in denial about it, but I was told something very interesting last week.  Not for publication as yet but certainly something more for my 'ammunition'.  

I will now be bi-passing (sp???) most schools and aiming straight to the top, as has been recommended by many people.  Just trying to find an appropriate contact now.

Once again......stay tuned.

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