Monday, November 8, 2010

Old Sayings Ring True

Things are progressing nicely.  I have now had positive responses from four schools and have only contacted a few so far.  Also about to gain direct contact (for snail mail) for the appropriate people in some parts of the media, along with community newspapers, although I have already started that and had a very positive response.  

While it all looks like sun and roses, believe me it is HARD work.  I am learning very quickly that the old saying well and truly applies in a book self marketing campaign....'if at first you don't succeed, try, try again'....and KEEP trying.....don't give up.   I am reading all sorts of advice and suggestions all of which I am trying to follow.  Some things I would never have considered so it's exciting to look at new avenues.  And I have finally been able to order some more books from my publisher, which is terrific.  They are on their way as I write.  

There are a lot of little things happening too, many of which escape my memory unless I am actually working on them when I write my blog entry.  But I do keep lists.  In fact along with my diary I have two other books is for all contacts, with all appropriate contact details, dates etc and notes about progress, and the other is my Marketing Plan, which I have been told is essential when it comes to marketing a book....and I am really beginning to believe.  Visitors to my ABC Publishing website are shooting up which is awesome and I have had one review written on  This is absolutely wonderful.  Stay tuned.

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