Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Keeping Positive

Have had a few slowish days although small things have continued to happen, which is all lovely and does add to the big picture.  

A shipment of books arrived yesterday so I have just prepared copies for most of the remainder of the contributors (had already sent three) as well as two extra to one who had requested them.  Have also put a few copies into my local newsagent as a 'guinea pig' to see how they go.  As they are dealing direct with me (at this stage) I am 'giving' them their copies at cost price to keep that within reasonable range for their potential customers.  This won't happen at other outlets.  

Have also heard from a psychologist who has said she would consider doing a testimonial for me, which is great news.  Have to email a copy to her tonight.  

Also had contact with the local community newspaper for this area yesterday and they are looking at doing an article on the cover artist, Rebecca Trinca, the newsagent here and me.  We all work in the same shopping centre, but live elsewhere, at least I do.  Have no idea where the other two live.  

Anyway, things are moving for the positive....all good.

Stay tuned.

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