Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Year, New Plans

Christmas is very quickly approaching and with the Festive Season well and truly underway, my marketing for 'Bullseye' is slowing down temporarily.  

During the holiday period (well....holidays for many...I won't be taking a break apart from the normal public holidays) I will be working on my school strategy, which as mentioned I am changing in light of recent information I have been provided with.  I am still awaiting some testimonials and they will arrive eventually, favourably hopefully.  The feedback that is arriving from the contributors etc has been wonderful thus far.  

As 'Bullseye' becomes better known, and in turn I do too, I am finding that a lot of people are asking how I did it.   I am trying to answer these enquiries as I can and I am having other potential authors asking for my assistance, which I am more than happy to provide, where I can.  I am helping three people to prepare their manuscripts for possible publication at the moment and will continue with this through the Christmas period.  While I cannot help everyone, I am taking all that I can and working with these people to realise their dreams, if possible.  

I have also started work on my own autobiography as I am gaining a lot of interest in my background, my life in the outback.  So this will all be happening during the Christmas break.  For those of you who do not know, I am also a wife and Mum and I work full time and very long hours.  I have recently had a birthday, the most wonderful birthday, thanks to my family and friends, and....for me....life is just starting.

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