Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Journey Continues

This is really exciting.  Each new day seems to bring something....small or the progress of the marketing of 'Bullseye'.  

Today I went to my local (work) newsagent to buy a magazine....well, any magazines I could, about writing....anything to help with the marketing.  The weird thing is I didn't even consider that particular newsagent (nor my local one near home, for that matter....but I am now) when I drew up my list of newsagents/bookshops etc to send press releases to, or to offer complimentary copies of the book.  Anyway, I chose one magazine and went to pay for it, only to have the owner ask me who the writer is.  He was quite stunned, and I was equally stunned at his reaction.  Don't ask me why.  But then I was stunned that I hadn't thought of approaching them.  He asked (with tongue in cheek) when we are going to have a signing.  I laughed at him and walked away....and then started thinking......  .  Next time I went down there, I took a copy of the interview I did for my local paper.  Now my mind was really buzzing with all sorts of exciting possibilities.  Back I went a bit later, with a copy of 'Bullseye' (only on loan for the afternoon) and some business cards.  Then I left them alone until I was about to leave for the day.  That's when it happened.  The owner offered to put six copies....six wonderful copies....out for sale.  YES.  So I now have to get that in motion and order some books in quick smart.  

One of the wonderful contributors also emailed me this morning, telling me just how much this has meant to her and done for her.  THAT's partly what it's all about.  She has also asked for two more copies.....since (at this early stage) I still have to source mine from my overseas publisher, I am now madly trying to get hold of a heap.  

One of the girls at work received a phone call today and suddenly came out to me (I'm receptionist) asking me if I had done the interview for the paper....someone she knew had seen it and rang her about it.  So then it well and truly became public knowledge at work.  Again, I had not thought of actually mentioning it at work, but now it is out.  I will be contacting the local paper to see if they want to do an article around the time that the newsagent will be given his initial six copies.  I also plan to follow the instructions in that magazine and issue a huge press release to all schools in WA and start.  And see how that goes.  I have already contacted some and there does seem to be interest.

Stay tuned.  

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