Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Little Obstacles and Bigger Progress

As mentioned in an earlier entry, it does seem that something, however small or big, seems to happen almost daily.  And this continues, even if it is only one small thing.  I applied for my ABN on Tuesday evening, and apparently the Tax Department has taken exception to it and it is on hold for a mandatory eight days.  The people who run the site that I applied through have been wonderful in keeping me up to date on progress.  

I have also started to contact all sorts of websites and this is also starting to get a response.  Just had a call from Sydney about it but need to return it so I will be doing that later today.  

Have also selected three celebrities and have emailed one of these, in Qld.  I will be sending a complimentary book to a second one this afternoon and the third I know indirectly so awaiting a response email from my 'contact person' on that one.  

Have also established contact with the wonderful lady who runs the company which acts as the Australian distributor for Xlibris (she is a fellow Xlibris author) and she is being just so helpful and encouraging.  

It's all very exciting.  I am loving this even when I get a rejection.  The highs are well and truly beginning to outnumber the lows.  Stay tuned.......

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