Sunday, November 14, 2010

Facing Fears

Hello.  Here I am again.  I have just returned from a WONderful day and night down south in Busselton.  As part of my birthday present.  Had a brilliant weekend actually....completely and thoroughly spoiled and lapped up every nano-second.  YES.  And I have come back full of exciting plans for 'Bullseye'.  

First and foremost, I have decided to go in a slightly different direction, while still contacting celebrities, media, schools and anyone and everyone that I can think of to bug.....hehehehehe (very evil chuckle).  But I came to a realisation this morning that I am actually declaring war on bullying....and using 'Bullseye' as the focal part of my ammunition.  But when contacting the media I am shifting the attention from 'Bullseye' to the war itself ...... This may not seem very exciting to you, but it is to me.  

I am still sending emails and 'Contact Forms' to the media...for the moment, but if I can't get more response than I have already had (and I will not be bugging those that have been good enough to respond again)  I will then start doing the deadly deed....and RING people....which is HUGE step for me, being the ultimate phonophobic.....I HATE using the phone and will avoid it like the plague.  And I decided getting some celebrity support is a must too, for something like another set of emails has been issued for that.  And then of course there is always snail mentioned before....

Stay tuned.

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