Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Is Coming

Having a few rather interesting things happen and starting to 'uncover' a few interesting facts.  Also starting to receive quite a lot of feedback which has all been very positive so far.  Have a couple of testimonials being written which is also terrific.  Also possibly have support from a celebrity which is brilliant.  Not confirmed yet but I live in hope.  All going really well.  

Will now slow down with Christmas almost upon us and concentrate on contacting other bullying websites around the world (starting to receive positive responses here too), along with preparing 'snail mail' letters to issue to schools, from a different angle.  This has been recommended to me so will follow up on this idea.  But no point sending them until the new year when the start of the new school year is nearing.  

But everything is great....really exciting.  Having a few downers here and there, but that's to be expected and the highs are still well and truly winning.

Stay tuned.

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