Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fighting for the Cause

Have had reports of a few sales in the USA, which is great.  And it does appear that interest is gradually gaining momentum here as well.  This marketing battle is a long, hard slog but I also do consider it to be an intense labour of love as my passion for making a difference out there in this battle against bullying is only causing me to change tacks/rethink a strategy or two and the more negativity/rejections/ignorance I receive, the more determined it is making me.  

The schools seem to continue to be in denial, or it does appear that the information I was provided with last week could well be absolutely true and, while that is staying under the belt for the moment, as I learn new things, some of which are not for public knowledge yet, but are certainly adding to my ammunition .... I have decided to focus on another area in the education area and see how that goes.   

Through all this I am also meeting a few other authors who have published similar sorts of books (not on bullying) and everything I am experiencing seems to be in common with these people.   Some of them have had success, others are starting to feel it, others are still fighting and will continue to.  They have all told me NEVER to give up, that the fight and 'Bullseye' itself are FAR too important.  So I won't.  Stay tuned.

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