Thursday, November 4, 2010


As I said in my last entry, something really matter how big, or small....seems to happen very day at the moment.  

I am in the process of finding out (surfing the net???) the correct contact details of a lot of different schools in WA and SA.  This is a very time consuming effort and not the easiest.  Some I can email, only to have them bounced back.  I have now done a draft letter for those that do bounce back ... but I have a success story already with one, and I have really only just begun this search.  This particular school is interested in using 'Bullseye' for one of their projects and are planning to have an 'author' evening.  YES!!!  This is just.....sooooooo....exciting.  

There is something always going on at the moment.  Also contacting the local press to try to get an article done for a signing which I am trying to organise for my local work newsagent.  There should be interest in this as this actually highlights three 'local' businesses/people.  The newsagency itself, the artist of the superb cover art (Rebecca Trinca), who works in the camera shop in the centre, and of  

This is all so exciting, but none of it is happening without a lot of hard work.  And that's something I am realising very quickly, and there are times when it is disappointing...when something does not happen as I'd hoped, but overall the positives are well and truly outnumbering the negatives.

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