Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Step for Bullseye!

I think I am FINALLY getting the media (as in TV) to sit up and take notice.  I did the deadly deed yesterday and actually rang one of the channels (only because they do not have any alternative way to 'Contact me' other than phone or snail mail).  I spoke with a couple of really lovely people and both were very helpful.  I told them about my cause and when they appeared to be interested, they gave me an email address and I sent one off last night.  I do not expect to have any sort of response for a while as I would feel they would be looking at ways they can use my story.....I hope.  

I have heard back from another school which is showing interest.  And the lady who bought a copy through my website responded to my emails and I dropped hers off yesterday afternoon.  She seems to be really lovely, is very supportive of my cause and was full of compliments about the cover art.  I told her about the lovely artist, local Rebecca Trinca and how some people had wondered why I chose such a cover for the book.  As mentioned (and as this lady said) it is a lovely country piece, promoting peace and harmony......EXACTLY what I am wanting.  Couldn't be more perfect.  

I am also still trying to contact celebrities and was given a website with heaps of addresses yesterday so plan to contact as many as possible...the more the merrier, as many of them won't even hear about my cause from me...hopefully they will through the media eventually though.  

This continues to be soooo exciting.......stay tuned  Open-mouth smile

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