Friday, November 12, 2010

First Lesson Learned

Ok....I've just made my (first???) mistake.  I thought I was being very clever in sending a 'Review Copy' to my local bookshop.   I enclosed an SSAE and today, it came back.  As I hadn't heard anything I wasn't really surprised but was a bit hesitant about reading any comments.  I shouldn't have been.  The person was wonderful.  Thanked me for sending the book but also mentioned (and, no, I didn't think of this) that as this is the lead up to the busiest time of the year (er...yea...Christmas...) they are not accepting any self-published books for the rest of this year.  And that is absolutely fair but..... Okkkk...didn't occur to me.  So I have emailed a response, asking if I could possibly still consider it for next year.  So my fingers are crossed.  Again, I am half not expecting a response but will contact them again next year anyway.  

Daughter told me about a brilliant anti-bullying campaign in the USA which (if we can locate the official website for it) I plan to visit and contact.  

Continuing with the schools here, but not emailing.  Will now send by snail mail.  Also visited some bullying websites in Australia, including an association of psychologists/counsellors, and did email them last night.  Will post any results from that.  

Contacted the person from one of the colleges here about the copy she asked me to send last week....she has yet to read the book (which I expected and does appear to be the cause of the delay with quite a few responding) but says she will probably have questions, so I am ready for that.  

Bring it on!!!  I am thriving on this.....stay tuned. 

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