Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

With Christmas and the 'holidays' (for those who are lucky enough to be getting a break) upon us, different ideas, thoughts and strategies are coming thick and fast, which is terrific, all keeping me very busy, along with all the usual activities which are normally part and parcel with this time of the year.  

I am off to South Australia at the end of the week, which I am looking forward to with mixed emotions.  Not actually taking any time off work but I am looking forward to a tiny bit of 'me time'.  

Even though we are into this stage of the year, little things do continue to happen, or I hear of a different approach to something, or whatever....all food for thought and I continue to gain 'ammunition.'  

I have LOTS to work with for the new year.

Friday, December 17, 2010

As Christmas Draws Nearer

A week has passed and I haven't done an entry.  Ouch.  I have actually been quite ill this week so have let things slide a bit.  BUT before I became ill, I had wonderful news on the celebrity front and I will share this with everyone early in the new year.  

Other things are happening, slowly but surely, too.  Although with Christmas upon us, everything is slowing down somewhat and I am focussing more on my strategies for 2011, including my renewed 'attack' on the Education Dept (have not heard a lot of good things about those people from anyone who has had anything to do with bullying in school yards) and on the schools themselves, just a different approach.  

It does appear one of the contributors to 'Bullseye' has not exactly been idle in her own cause of trying to stop bullying.  I had a wonderful (but very sad) letter from her a week or so ago and it looks like we might work in co-operation with each other in the future.  

Also had feedback from a psychologist in the eastern states.   I had contacted her to ask if, if I sent her a copy, would she be good enough to provide me with a testamonial.  Her response was fair, but worried me (for some reason).  She would provide a testamonial IF she felt it was suitable.  I received a message late last week....she is happy to do one (YES) and is doing it while on her Christmas break.

Stay tuned......

Friday, December 10, 2010

Acknowledging the Truth

Hello once again.  Things continue to move slowly but surely.  The feedback and testimonials are coming in thick and fast now and all have been very positive.  A few have carried constructive criticism and many appear to have a couple of common threads:  will there be a sequel, a 'Bullseye II'?  

And one of my goals does gradually appear to be on its way to achievement:  people are starting to mention just how stunned they are with the enormity and severity of this phenomenon.  There is still the wish to see 'Bullseye' out there, still hoping that given the chance it could do a huge amount of good.  I have had feedback from a few mothers, a couple of teachers and there are a few coming from psychologists and counsellors.  

I have also joined a couple of groups, hoping we might be able to help each other, and some more of the bullying websites have responded to earlier emails.  I continue sending emails out to these people.  I am also deeply into research of the main stream publishing houses, in an effort to help other would-be authors realise their dreams.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Windows of opportunity

Little things still continue to happen each day.  I am getting respnses from quite a few of the other websites now, all eager to help and take anything I have to offer, which is fantastic.  'Bullseye' and I are even being 'put' on a couple of their websites and I hope to add links to their sites on my own.  Have also had a suggestion for a possible TV interivew on a book programme so am looking into that.  

Meanwhile I have just submitted a manuscript to a couple of publishers on behalf of one of the hopeful writers I am looking after.  Looking at other possible publishers as well and also helping another writer, with the possibility of a third at the moment.  It's all go and it's all good.  

Am also looking at joining another couple of book-related sites all of which should help exposure.   'Bullseye' was included in a book magazine which has world wide distribution recently.  All good.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Busy as the bells jingle

Goodness!!!!   Methinks Christmas must be coming.....or if not...HELLLP.  I am suddenly being inundated with websites and newsletters about websites, all offering to have 'Bullseye' listed etc etc etc.  What BRILLIANT exposure.  And I am gonna make the most of every little bit of it.  

Also receiving a lot more feedback and testimonials from - all over the place.  Wonderful.  These are now being added to my website, as has a photo of me (yechhhhhh!!!).  Have more suggestions for even more potential exposure and am sending a couple more books out tomorrow.  Have also started receiving even more inquiries from other potential writers asking me for help.  Am really enjoying all this.  The more the better as far as I am concerned.

Questions, answers, learning and life's experiences

Wow.......the first few testimonials have come in.  Absolutely wonderful.  I am rather overwhelmed....I expected them to be OK but not echo my feelings almost exactly with the added comments.  These will all be added to my website eventually too.  I am also having a (decent....well as decent as possible) photo of myself put on there.  Not sure that I WANT to but am bowing somewhat to pressure.  

Other wonderful things continue to happen too, all will (or should) be out in the open soon.  Some of the knowledge I am learning is not great and might not ever be made public.   I have made a start on my own autobiography, which will include the two questions I am being asked repeatedly at the moment:  'What IS life like in the outback?' and 'How DID I do it?'.  I am enjoying this all so much, including helping two potential writers prepare their manuscripts for possible publication.  It's all very much a learning curve for me too.  I hope to help more potential authors in the future too.