Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Windows of opportunity

Little things still continue to happen each day.  I am getting respnses from quite a few of the other websites now, all eager to help and take anything I have to offer, which is fantastic.  'Bullseye' and I are even being 'put' on a couple of their websites and I hope to add links to their sites on my own.  Have also had a suggestion for a possible TV interivew on a book programme so am looking into that.  

Meanwhile I have just submitted a manuscript to a couple of publishers on behalf of one of the hopeful writers I am looking after.  Looking at other possible publishers as well and also helping another writer, with the possibility of a third at the moment.  It's all go and it's all good.  

Am also looking at joining another couple of book-related sites all of which should help exposure.   'Bullseye' was included in a book magazine which has world wide distribution recently.  All good.

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