Friday, December 10, 2010

Acknowledging the Truth

Hello once again.  Things continue to move slowly but surely.  The feedback and testimonials are coming in thick and fast now and all have been very positive.  A few have carried constructive criticism and many appear to have a couple of common threads:  will there be a sequel, a 'Bullseye II'?  

And one of my goals does gradually appear to be on its way to achievement:  people are starting to mention just how stunned they are with the enormity and severity of this phenomenon.  There is still the wish to see 'Bullseye' out there, still hoping that given the chance it could do a huge amount of good.  I have had feedback from a few mothers, a couple of teachers and there are a few coming from psychologists and counsellors.  

I have also joined a couple of groups, hoping we might be able to help each other, and some more of the bullying websites have responded to earlier emails.  I continue sending emails out to these people.  I am also deeply into research of the main stream publishing houses, in an effort to help other would-be authors realise their dreams.

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