Friday, December 17, 2010

As Christmas Draws Nearer

A week has passed and I haven't done an entry.  Ouch.  I have actually been quite ill this week so have let things slide a bit.  BUT before I became ill, I had wonderful news on the celebrity front and I will share this with everyone early in the new year.  

Other things are happening, slowly but surely, too.  Although with Christmas upon us, everything is slowing down somewhat and I am focussing more on my strategies for 2011, including my renewed 'attack' on the Education Dept (have not heard a lot of good things about those people from anyone who has had anything to do with bullying in school yards) and on the schools themselves, just a different approach.  

It does appear one of the contributors to 'Bullseye' has not exactly been idle in her own cause of trying to stop bullying.  I had a wonderful (but very sad) letter from her a week or so ago and it looks like we might work in co-operation with each other in the future.  

Also had feedback from a psychologist in the eastern states.   I had contacted her to ask if, if I sent her a copy, would she be good enough to provide me with a testamonial.  Her response was fair, but worried me (for some reason).  She would provide a testamonial IF she felt it was suitable.  I received a message late last week....she is happy to do one (YES) and is doing it while on her Christmas break.

Stay tuned......

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