Sunday, December 5, 2010

Questions, answers, learning and life's experiences

Wow.......the first few testimonials have come in.  Absolutely wonderful.  I am rather overwhelmed....I expected them to be OK but not echo my feelings almost exactly with the added comments.  These will all be added to my website eventually too.  I am also having a (decent....well as decent as possible) photo of myself put on there.  Not sure that I WANT to but am bowing somewhat to pressure.  

Other wonderful things continue to happen too, all will (or should) be out in the open soon.  Some of the knowledge I am learning is not great and might not ever be made public.   I have made a start on my own autobiography, which will include the two questions I am being asked repeatedly at the moment:  'What IS life like in the outback?' and 'How DID I do it?'.  I am enjoying this all so much, including helping two potential writers prepare their manuscripts for possible publication.  It's all very much a learning curve for me too.  I hope to help more potential authors in the future too.

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