Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Journey So Far...

Well, by all accounts it does appear that 'Bullseye' is on its way.  Not sure where to, but does appear to be on its way somewhere.

Seems a couple of the larger national booksellers have picked it up and I am working on any others that I know of.  Anyway, it's all good, so far.  A heck of a lot of hard work, and I would be lost without the support of my family and a few others, but we are getting there....and I think we are winning.  

I am a tad overwhelmed by the response to date, actually.....'Bullseye' was only released a few weeks ago, and I understand is doing quite comfortably in the USA (though as of today I do not have figures to confirm, or not, this) and is starting to look very nice here in good old Australia.  Although I still have a lot of work ahead of me to really persuade the media that the public and Australia generally really need this book.  Also contacting many schools, starting with those with which I have had some sort of association through the years (either personally or through my daughters) and telling their counsellors how much they need this book.  

At the moment I am mainly focussing on WA and SA.  I have begun receiving enquiries and the odd order (from my, through my email address,, which is also terrific.  Keeping lists, plans, and getting paperwork done and up to date, names, addresses, contacts....the lot....all keeping me busy.  As I also work full time I really AM finding life has sped up somewhat.  As yet have not received much feedback so am waiting for that.  I have had one interview done through the local community newspaper and am contacting as many other media outlets (radio mainly) as possible.  

Will keep you posted.

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