Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bullseye hits the press!

From the Melville Times, 26th October 2010
- Felicity Harrold

BEING taunted and bullied during her childhood years will stick with one local resident forever, but now she is releasing a book in an attempt to get people to realise just how serious bullying can be.

Alfred Cove author Lannah Sawers-Diggins has just released the confronting book which is a collection of case histories submitted by 36 victims who have been traumatised by a bully.

"I was bullied heavily many years ago and it was pure hell.  It happened before bullying was really recognised and acknowledged and was something that was hard to speak about," she said.

"I started compiling Bullseye a couple of years ago to get people to recognise that bullying is really a very serious and controversial thing that is still happening today and will continue."

Sawers-Diggins said she started writing several years ago as a therapeutic tool.  She would write down her experiences and share them with about 200 of her pen pals.

In the book, bully victims share their emotional and hard-hitting experiences from school days to the work places.

"People talk about the pain they went through and what it drove them to do.

"My main angle initially was just to put their stories on paper as a therapeutic tool, but I am also trying to get the message across to stop bullying," she said.

"The book is designed to target the bullies, the bullied and the public in an attempt to get more recognition about how serious bullying is and how badly it affects people.  We need to make a stand to stop bullying."

Visit or to order a copy.

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