Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Following at least four reported cases of bullying last week (one resulting in yet another suicide) I am now 'working' in co-operation with a journalist from our newspaper in Western Australia.  It appears that quite a few victims or loved ones approach their local MPs about their problems, obviously wanting to 'vent' but also hoping that something might be done.  NOW there IS a hope that SOMETHING just MIGHT be done.  My own MP is offering to send these people onto me (ONLY with their permission) with the chance that their stories might be publicised.  I will decide whether they are newsworthy or not.  Having also had a very unsatisfactory (but typical) response from our Minister for Education (to which I will be responding, politedly but pointedly telling her that I will NOT back down and let them deal with it...their 'dealing' is not working...not from what I can see anyway and we want action...we want EFFECTIVE handling and outcomes/results to be known).  BUT we are also looking for 'ammunition' with this fight....PLEASE if you have been a victim or a loved one, I NEED TO HEAR YOUR STORY.  Please inbox me at abccalligraphy00@hotmail.com.  The more the better.  This offer is also being made to all electorates in WA as I continue to hassle the government   Please just remember that the more GENUINE stories we have the more likely it will be that the government will take notice.   NO NAMES WILL BE MENTIONED, NOR SCHOOLS OR ANY INSTITUTIONS AT ALL.  EVERYTHING WILL REMAIN TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL.  Cases of cyber-bullying are particularly of interest but we are looking for any form of bullying.  PLEASE HELP WITH THIS...WE NEED YOUR HELP.   Thank you.

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