Thursday, November 3, 2011


Every day something seems to happen in my 'fight'.   I am starting to get a responses from the letters I have been issuing to all local Members of Parliament around the country.  Some are encouraging, others are needing encouragement.  Also continue to experience cyber-bullying which still doesn't worry me but does tell me that some people are concerned that we might actually succeed in this war.  That we are not doing what so many groups and the government are doing....creating and implementing programmes etc for the schools to use.  Along with specialist advice that the government has at its disposal, these are all wonderful and very well meaning but, to me and most people I am in contact with, they are not reality.  No matter how many programmes etc are implemented in the schools none of them is gonna stop Johnny from scaring the life out of Peter and holding him in a headlock and torturing him at every chance.  Nothing is gonna stop Mary and Anne from pushing Susie so much that she falls over and then ripping her clothes.  And nothing is gonna make either Peter nor Susie report these, not if they are being threatened in even one small way.  And if it continues, and it does, both Peter and Susie could wonder how in the hell they are gonna escape this torture, causing them to fear coming to school every day, to wake up scared.  What a way to live.  Well...that's just's not living and something real needs to be done before they start looking at hurting themselves.  COME ON WORLD.......WAKE UP.  I continue to need stories from victims and loved ones to act as ammunition to convince the government that something desperately needs to be done.  PLEASE if you are a victim and, like I was, are too scared to come forward to tell someone about your torture, your nightmare, please tell me about it, in absolute and total confidence.  My email address is:  There IS the chance your story could go public but that would never be done without your absolute approval and absolutely everything will always be treated with the utmost confidence. 

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