Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wow...already at the end of February.  Ouch.  Another year underway.  The fight against bullying continues in earnest - I have already done a couple of radio interviews and victims of this horrible act, past and present, are starting to become confident enough to come forward and vent to me, which is fantastic.  But there are some horrible stories out there.  Now victims can also go to their local MP and my details should be available for them to contact me that way as well.  Remembering that there is also the chance that all stories could 'go public'.  But again not without the express permission of victims.  My next book is also going extremely well.   It is about sheep and cattle stations of this great nation of ours.  So far I have around twenty stations (several from each state) participating and continue to receive enquiries and requests.  All wonderful.  I have also conducted the initial interviews with a few retired pastoralists - what an absolute pleeasure they are proving to be.  Such humour.  I am so enjoying this.  We have also decided to make the cover design and title of the book into a competition for the students and families of long distance learning throughout the nation.  
Stay tuned. 

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