Thursday, March 1, 2012

I have just been emailed two horrific stories about cyber-bullying and a couple of other forms - and a third where I am encouraging the victim to open up and tell me more.  It is becoming increasingly evident that 'all' that the governments are doing is not working and action really does need to be taken - before any more serious reactions are taken by victims.   As most MPs across Australia now have my email details on hand victims are gradually starting to gain the confidence to come forward and email their experiences to me - it will all help toward our ultimate goal - to introduce legislation to drastically reduce bullying in schools nationwide, make the schools more accountable (accountable at all....) with the eventual aim of making it illegal.  We do know this will not stop bullying but should at least deter some of the perpetrators when they realise that their actions will result in legal repercussions.  Please come forward victims and tell us....all stories are welcome, particularly cyber-bullying.

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