Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Settling in to '11

A new year is here (well and truly) and as people settle back into 'normal' routine, a few more major things are starting to happen again.  I now have two more people writing testimonials for me, which is fantastic.  The anti-bullying group, 'Enough is Enough': is adding Bullseye to its website, along with an article about me apparently, which is FANtastic.  In turn I am helping them where and when I can.  With the new school term beginning in a couple of weeks I will be starting a much 'heavier' campaign in contacting as many schools in WA and SA (initially) as possible but changing my strategy, as mentioned in an earlier blog entry.  I am also starting to gain more support from the public which is another huge plus...but can never have too many....not in this particular fight.  Everyone is welcome.  All great so far.

(NOTE:  Apologies, the previous post was meant to be about a week ago ... the blog editor [Lannah's daughter] got a little sidetracked ... whoops!)

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