Monday, January 31, 2011

Now that January has all but gone (WHERE?????) and the new year well underway things are starting to happen again.  School holidays are finishing this week.  Having children who are now well into their twenties I no longer take a lot of notice of that.  But I am working on my change of strategy when it comes to my approach to the schools and hoping that 'The Western Australian' newspaper might be a bit of help with this and will be prepared to act on this one or two weeks into the new school year.  

As you would realise all the notes that are being entered here and on 'Bullseye's' facebook page, Twitter and Linkedin are the thoughts/ideas of someone (me) who is a newcomer to the world of publishing and doing her own marketing.  It is very much a learning curve and as I am meeting some wonderful people and making some excellent contacts (eg Jimmy Barnes), working on new suggestions/throughts and preparing to put them into action I am simply putting my thoughts and actions 'out there' this way so the public can follow (those who are interested).  

As mentioned the more support I can get the better.  I think my main focus at the moment is on the schools and education system. I am now also working on my autobiography which I am being asked about.

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