Thursday, April 5, 2012

OK - I admit it - I am completely and absolutely addicted to writing.   Letters (I have over 200 penpals around the world) - yes, my family, personal friends, acquaintances and anyone and everyone else who knows me all think I am mad - but that's life.  I have always had a yearning to write stories as well - fiction was the idea originally but having tried that and failing miserably, no thanks - will leave that to the experts.  Like so many others, I have spent a good part of my life wanting, but not knowing how to start writing and getting books published.  Well, this all changed a few years ago when I woke one birthday (not telling which one) and had an epiphany (love that word - think it's right but not sure but sounds good) - I did realise I needed to get my deceased father's book published and 'out there' - somehow - quickly.  For some weird reason I suddenly felt a very urgent need to get this done - so I got stuck into good old faithful Google and eventually found - something.  I'm actually not sure what it was now but whatever it was, it did help point me in the right direction.  And I succeeded - I had it self-published and it was released - exactly a week after my mother died.  'The Sawers From Pitcairn':  Oops.  Oh well, I did my absolute best and am told she died happy, knowing that the book was about to be released.  And that kinda whetted my appetite - I'd discovered how to have books published - there was no stopping me now.  But not fiction.  Never fiction.  So I turned my efforts to my second book:  'Bullseye' which is a compilation of some thirty six case histories of bullying written and submitted by victims of this horrible phenomena from around Australia and one from the UK.  All have been reproduced as closely as possible to the originals submitted by their authors which does mean that some do, perhaps, present more of a challenge to read, than others do.  As they are all ad lib I acted on legal instruciton at the time not to edit, proof nor change them in any way.  This is mentioned in the introduction.   However, it does appear that a couple of the people who reviewed the book decided either to ignore or not to read the explanation at all and simply returned it to me without explanation.  This did not bother me - just proved that these people are rather ignorant in themselves.   Anyway I am a writer and as such, I write - I tend to rave on for ages and pages and like mosf of the rest of the world, I have lots'n'lots'n'lots to rave on about....but until next time...stay tuned....same station...

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