Thursday, July 18, 2013

Watch Out Bullies of the World

By Lannah Sawers-Diggins

Ok, this young actress/model/singer is not really out to fight – but it got your attention, right?  Truth be told, the stunning Meredith O’Connor, rising American model/actress/singer is using her amazing  talents to channel her bullying experience to help raise awareness about this continuing act around the world.
Meredith’s experience occurred at school – it seems she was ‘too tall, too skinny, too weird’ and on it goes.  While she was ostracized mainly during her vulnerable younger days, it did die down in middle school, then flared up again.  It does feel rather as though jealousy might have played a big part in this ostracism as she was labelled a ‘theater geek’, because of her working in a show in Long Island theaters.  As Meredith herself says:  ‘Professionally working or not, they will pick on you if you’re in a world that they don’t understand.  I certainly wasn’t in with sports’.  How true.
Hailing from New York this 17 year old has trained in classical, Broadway, theatre and dance, pop vocals and performed in such productions as ‘Annie’, ‘Grease’ and ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, to name but a few.   Meredith was discovered in 2011 by a Miss Teen/USA scout and thereby launched her career. 
The main message in Meredith’s music is for young people who are deciding what they want to be, trying to inspire teens to be brave and stand up for those who are being ostracized.  Her music is reminiscent of that of a combination of Taylor Swift and Alanis Morisette – and has been described as ‘edgy country-pop’.
As an actor Meredith played a leading role in the upcoming independent film, ‘Red Head Randy’, which is an anti-bullying horror film with the aim being to capture young people’s attention.  The soundtrack features Meredith’s song, ‘The Game’. 
This amazing young lady also helps Reachout in the capacity of official advisor.  Reachout is an online information and support service for teens and young adults.
Meredith’s star is very definitely rising and she will, in all probability, be featured on ‘Bonfire Impact’ again.
Stay tuned.

Story Source:  Lannah Sawers-Diggins
Photos:  1)    Meredith O’Connor - Modeling
              2)    Meredith O’Connor

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  1. I was "that kid" in jr. high and high school. I am so glad that bullying is no longer "kids will be kids," but is recognized as being so destructive.

    Java Davis