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I have to admit that I think I must be one of the luckiest people in the world - I am meeting these amazingly talented people and actually helping them to make names for themselves - or trying to.  All the while also helping in the fight against bullying.  Some of these people have been bullied, others haven't but they are all happily joining in the fun - and fight against bullying which, I am glad to say, they all see as the extremely worthwhile cause that it is.

I cannot thank them enough - and long may this last.  Today, I want to introduce another multi-talented lady - the fantastic MATILDA  DE  BATI.

1       Please tell us a little about yourself.

         A:     I am the lovely Matilda De Bati.  The bloody artist, writer and designer.

2       You seem to be a very versatile and multi-talented lady.  Please tell us about that.

         A:     Thank you.  I do not know if I am talented or not.  I just do it.

3       Amongst everything else, you are also designing your own clothing line?

         A:     Yes, I do.  I design lingerie, swimsuits, scarves, men's underwear and fashionable knickers for cats.  All my designs are handmade and crafted - I work with different sorts of fabric too.  Currently I am working on my new small collections:  'Grandma Rocks', 'Surreal Collection of Bras and Knickers', 'Adam Meets God', 'Knickers of Champion' and 'Fashionable Knickers For Your Cats'.

4      Is there anything you DON'T do?

        A:     Fundraising.  I have a dream about a 'Sport & Art Club' for communities.  Where the youngest, along with their parents, can learn martial arts, punch faces, have literature evenings and have the opportunity to play in a small theatre in the club if they wish.

A Bit of Fun

5      What and who are your inspirations?

        A:     At this precise moment, Salvador Dali and Gala.

6     As a child what exactly did you want to do as a career?

       A:     As a child I wanted to play with my toys, friends - and be a star?  Who else?

7    You are a writer, among just about everything else possible.  Please tell us about that.

      A:    I enjoy writing.  My first two books regarding a sport.  Teaching Muaythai to children and adults.  I have been in martial arts for a while (I am a former world cup winner in Muaythai) and have teaching experience on an international level.  I created my programme:  'FUNTHAIMOVE' - it is the introduction to the sport for Muaythai and an easy method of teaching simple basics of non-contact Muaythai to children with fun and games.

Many people never heard of Muaythai.  Muaythai originated in Thailand - it is a fast growing sport around the world and is currently going through recognition to be included in the international olympic games.  So good luck with it.

My two books:  'Teach Muaythai to Children' and 'Teaching Muaythai to Adults'.  They are helpful teaching guides, sharing the experience of working with children, adults and beginners.  Also, accompanied by simple basics of Muaythai art, which has been approved by governing bodies on an international level.  It's about sharing a little bit of experience and helping others who are always looking for development or help.

Matilda in Action

Another creative work is my small collection of surreal poetry.  I love poetry - it's fun to create lyrics, particularly poetry.  The surreal poetry written with slightly adult content.  I think everyone has to create a small book of poetry.

And currently working on my two new books:  Screenplay:  '7 Lovers of Madam Bati' - genre:  romantic comedy - where I name each character by my name:  Matilda De Bati.  Another book named:  'Tragedy Of Old Pussy' - it is short fun stories of subjects:  comedy, fantasy, mystery, detective.

Hopefully I will not get a cancer of my brain afterward.  Jesus, bless me, Amen!

8    You also have a very good sense of humour.  Is that hereditory or uniquely yours?

      A:    Well, mine definitely.

9    You also have your own YouTube Channel and do interview others.  Have you interviewed any 'big names'?  Can you tell us about that?

      A:    I have created a 'Sports Talk Show' and we managed to make a few episodes - it's whole production process and requires a lot of time.

Yes, I enjoy interviewing people.  So far, we had great fun and productive work with such names as:  President of Muaythai Federation, also MMA/Muaythai Champion, Paul 'Semtex' Daley.

MATILDA the Interviewer and Presenter

10   Would it be possible for you to interview some of the people on my blog?

       A:   Yes, with pleasure.  I would love to discover their talents and secrets.

11   What aspirations do you have for the future?

       A:    My present is currently in a fog - what can I say about the future??? (Laughing)

12   Have you had any obstacles to overcome during your career?  How have you handled them?

      A:    1-  Take a nap;
              2- Create knickers for cats in enormous amounts, go to charity, give them for free, they do not want to take them - I insist they take them, say me thank you - I feel better;
              3- Going in restaurant, get drunk, dance on the table, put face on plate with mash and gravy.  Waiter ask me to leave - I punch his face.  He replies and after that I do not remember - but strangely feel good.

14  What are your favourite movies of all time?

       A:    Love comedy, adventure, tragedy, horror, history, silent films, old films.

15  Who are you favourite authors of all time?

      A:    Leading Oscar Wilde - with his sharp tongue.

16  What do you see in the future for your career?

      A:   Graveyard more likely (laughter) or museum near crematorium??  No??  Ok, not museum.

Links:    Official Website
                Matilda De Bati - Clothing

Photographer - Farhan Khan

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