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'I was born in the Royal Women's Hospital on the 6th July 1962. Both my parents were German and migrated to Australia in the late '50s with my five brothers on a ship to make a better life as everyone did. I was the only girl in the family and we were all very close and my mother and father always provided for us and made sure we didn't go without - although it was a big struggle with six children - but they never showed it. We were all happy and there were a lot of family parties. As we got older, my father and mother got old as well and I had looked after them for 11 years and when my mum passed away after my dad I decided it was time for me to do something for myself but found out I had cervical cancer and had the operation at 35, took what I was given and fought with all my might and became healthy again.

'Then all of a sudden I became epileptic - have no clue how it happened but since 36 I have been struggling with seizures. Well, I am still fighting and won't give up.

Ýou see, the only way I could feel worth something was through my music as I am not able to work in the workforce - this is the only thing that keeps me going.

Ás my son got older as well, I started going to jam sessions with my son and loved performing and decided it was my calling.

Í decided to buy a bass and started writing songs and found that I had a lot of words and music inside my head. I started to really take it seriously.

Í have written quite a few (songs) and once I finalise my CD you will notice some of the journeys I have made in between and my stories in my songs will tell all from having everything to being homeless.

Ýes, I have struggled greatly since the passing of my parents but became stronger and more independent and I have nearly reached my goal in being stable and happy.

Í started out in a few bands but decided I wanted to do my own thing and started up 'Blackshaws Beat' which is now called Íngrid and Blackshaws Beat' and through the years there have been many changes as there was the death of one of our band members and close friend, Michael Jeckic and I had to rearrange the whole band - but not too much. There are now five members, not six, as I am performing on my own now.

'The members of Íngrid and Blackshaws Beat' are: Ingrid Schoenfelder - vocals; Geoff Spooner - guitar (Jim Keays Band); Wayne Albury - saxophone; Robert Chuggs - bass (Twisted Willy) and Mike Hirsh - drums (session player Marcia Hines and other various known artists. Essential is a trio with my son, Aydin Selek on vocals and guitar and again, Geoff Spooner - guitar. This is an eccentric trio with a modern twist.

Í have another acoustic trio with Gil Tangey, Geoff Spooner with a country twist. All bands are up and running and awaiting my CD which I am so looking forward to.

'My all-time favourite lady musicians are Brenda Lee, Susan Tradeski, Connie Francis - there are quite a few more and they all deserve a big credit in the industry.

'This is the beginning of my story'.

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