Saturday, November 24, 2012


Life continues to be FANTABULOUS - and no, that wasn't a word, but is now.  We have just been up to Broome, in the north west of Western Australia and had the most superb few days there - for my birthday.  We did a lot of walking, had some wonderful meals, met some fascinating and fantastic locals (or some not so local originally but all seem to live and work in and around Broome and love it) and even found some extraordinary dinosaur footprints.  I love history - it fascinates me but was never remotely interested until I visited the UK 'quite a few' years ago - that's when I really saw history - true history.  All man made and it was and still is fascinating.  But up until visiting Broome I have to admit I had not really appreciated Australia's history - we have been civilised far too recently for my interest.  True - Australia is on one of the oldest continents in the world - but I still didn't really appreciate it - until Broome.  Dinosaur footprints.  That's what did it for me.  Looking at those dinosaur footprints.  And just trying to think - it was rather overwhelming to me.  Yes OK, thinking at all is rather overwhelming for me - but this - these dinosaur footprints.  And the rocks into which they have been embedded - OK that would have been sand back then but the entire thing.  Just amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  For my birthday itself - we visited the most fantastic Indigenous publisher.  Wonderful array of books, all authors Indigenous.  Eldest daughter even gave me a superb Indigenous diary for next year - already in use and so very proud of it.  Picked up several more books too.  Onto watch crocodiles in action when eating - Okkkkkk.  Er...WOW.  Also fascinating but not something I am in a hurry to do when there isn't a solid protective fence separating us.  Hmmmm.  But wouldn't have missed that for the world.  Then onto a camel ride - on Cable Beach.  How absolutely fantastic.  Fantabulous even.  The day complete with a lovely meal with my family in a superb restaurant at Cable Beach, watching the famous sunset there.  What more could a girl want.  How lucky am I?  I've challenged the girls to try to top that for next year.  Pretty hard.  Two days later it was down to Perth and earth with a resounding thump when we returned home.  What a wonderful birthday.  Was also thoroughly spoiled with heaps of FB messages, texts and a few phone calls.  Wonderful.
Bestest (whoa - another new word - hey, I'm on a roll here...)
Byeeeeeee - until next time.

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