Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh...forgot about THIS one....

Another quick spider story before I start opening up/coming clean about another of my experiences/nightmares.   There are actually several of these and I have been asked to 'share' them all for the sake of other sufferers.  Will begin this next blog.

We did seem to keep choosing houses with more spiders living in or around them than was comfortable for me (but then I only need to see one for that to happen).  Our house in a suburb of Perth (Western Australia) was OK - cannot ever remember seeing any BIG spiders, only Daddy-Long-Legs and Redbacks - both of which are extremely venomous actually but the hideous Huntsman beats them all hands down in my book.  I do recall an incident with a Redback at the above mentioned house in Perth.  I remember seeing this perfect example seemingly sitting comfortably, minding its own business, on a bicycle on our back verandah.  I resorted to my old 'dealing' method again (didn't feel that I had a lot of choice) and told it to stay right where it was and I'd go and get something to kill it.  It was obviously a very good spider - or a very stupid one.  OK so it didn't understand English and I wasn't exactly fluent in spider-speak.  Anyway, needless to say it hadn't moved a leg when I returned with a full can of spray.  So I set to and gave it a quick burst, getting ready to spray again and keep at it until it died - but didn't move at all.  It should have moved - stupid thing.  After all I was firing point blank at it.  Obviously sillier than I thought - so I sprayed again.  And again - no movement whatsoever.  What the heck was this thing?  Its normal big black back with the superb red stripe - was all white and foamy now.  Huh?  So I sprayed again - and again - and again - and kept at it until, believe it or not, I emptied the can.  But not once had it moved - not a muscle.  No prizes for guessing that it had been dead all along.  Hmmmmm..... we did have some horrible spider experiences in all four of the houses we lived in when interstate.  I'll just have to see what I feel like talking about for my next blog - actually, thinking about it, the whole lot would be chalked up to being nightmares.

Ah well....time will tell.  Beware, be very ware and stay tuned.....

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