Saturday, January 5, 2013


My first foray into fiction is progressing extremely well - maybe a bit TOO extremely well.  Once I get into the writing, the memories are just flowing back and, sad to say, nothing pleasant.  Some of it is actually quite eerie, which is surprising me - these appear to be memories I had locked pretty strongly away.  But not so strongly that they cannot escape, returning to 'haunt' me.  Another aspect which is surprising me is that there are a few things that I just - cannot - remember.  I have obviously locked them away so completely - so tightly - they are now absolutely refusing to budge. And normally that would be fine - but in this situation, it's not as if they are all important aspects needed for the story to flow.  So - I am having to improvise.  Fortunately other memories remain strong enough to allow me to do this without interrupting the flow and making these parts 'stand out'.  I am trying to inject humour, light heartedness, as well as bringing out the sadness and absolute and utter fear that I felt at the time - and indeed that I am feeling occasionally as I write and these memories return.  I am actually visualising the scenes and can see faces very, very clearly - as though this all occurred yesterday, or very recently.  Anyway, I am finding it very therapeutic - while the fact that I endured that six year nightmare will never be erased, the fact that I am writing it down, getting it out is probably the best thing I could be doing - and, yes, very very long overdue.

Stay tuned.

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