Monday, August 19, 2013

Introducing....Derek of 'Social Science'


Derek of 'Social Science'
There is much new musical talent around and I feel just so honoured and privileged to be ‘meeting’ some of these amazing people, young and old – to being able to help and promote their wonderful talents however I can.  Many of them have been bullied, in one way or another and are using their talents to help raise awareness about this awful and unending act – to reassure victims around the world that they are not alone.

            Derek, of ‘Social Science’ is one such person.  His is another amazing story – his music would be described as ProgRock, Contemporary Folk, Classical and Rock and his style could be compared with such artists as Peter Gabriel, Blur, Queen, Jack White and Peter Gabriel.    Derek is a songwriter as well as being a very talented multi-instrumentalist and is excellent at using such talents to help enhance similar talents in other people.  A music teacher, he has also worked with an impressive array of others in the music industry and with such diversity as indie rock bands to orchestras.

            He is a solo artist with his band ‘Social Science’ and carries a definite symphonic pop – a true mixture of rock, folk, classical and jazz.  His music has developed and matured with the help of the study of such artists as Paul Simon, Led Zeppelin, the Police and Queen, to name but a few.  

            Song titles include:  ‘Life Goes On’, ‘Broken’ and ‘If You Were Perfect’ among others.  The latter title actually features playing drums with four sticks – but Derek says that only three sticks are really needed for this instrument.  He feels that using three sticks allows one to be a ‘fully armed’ drummer when standing.  For a singer doing a live show, this opens up new possibilities.  He calls this style of song:  ‘Acoustic Thrash’.   

             By working with such notables as Garry Frost (Moving Picture, 1927 and Australian Idol’s Shannon Noll) and Tim Powell (The Church) Derek has also been dabbling in a more exact and visceral rock approach and the resulting tracks will be debuted in the near future.

           And coming up is the release of the EP ‘Experiment’.  Collaborating with illustrator Jeremiah Wallis, Derek has paired some tracks with vibrant animation – what a stroke of genius.  Between them, they have manage to create some ‘richly expressive videos’ which bring out Derek’s talent for creativity. 
How to Play the Dr Sticks

Another facet that is underway is the transitioning of 'Social Science' into an amazing experience which is referred to as 'Three Piece Rock Opera' - moving away from  being a studio entity.  As Derek says:  'The vision for the live show has always been to play with different theatrical forms and techniques to keep shows compelling.'  He wants to use amazing visuals and narratives to stimulate those areas of the brain which we currently use for movies.

         Derek and 'Social Science' - another name to watch out for in the future.  Watch this space.

Story Source:    Lannah Sawers-Diggins and Derek of 'Social Science'.

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