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'Hocus' - Fat Lando, Lolita and Rhino

Amid much gigging and promoting and, at a guess - just plain fun, ‘Hocus’ was borne in 2009.  Based in Sand Diego, California, USA, group members are Fat Lando – guitars, Rhino – drums and Lolita – bass.  All three very versatile people are also the vocalists. 

            ‘Hocus’ was discovered by Raunchola Productions.  This company had just set up and one of their first concepts was a program called – the ‘Program’.  The idea being that it helps artists and bands that wish to make a real effort to move forward – and could but for lack of finance, direction and the capabilities.  It seems Raunchola Productions had heard of ‘Hocus’ and after meeting these three young musicians and hearing them in action – immediately added them to their roster.

            And how did the name ‘Hocus’ come about?  It was the name of Fat Lando’s tom cat which must have been a pretty jolly tough feline as he lived to a rather stunning sixteen years.  What else would you name a band after?  LOVE it.        

           Fat Lando has always wanted this band to be not only that but also for each member to have his or her own identity

          To have a quick glimpse into the background of these three rising stars:  drummer Rhino, from California, has been playing drums in different bands covering San Diego – since he was a teenager: Lolita, the bassist from New Mexico, is much the same in that she has been playing the violin in various groups also during her teens.  Whereas, in comparison, Fat Lando, a Texan,  experienced his first exposure to music life in London, England, playing in Indie/Pop band Fuse, as a rhythm guitarist. 

            The group has already established a considerable media presence as well, appearing on TV, in the press and over the radio in San Deigo.  Nominee for the San Diego Music Awards for ‘Best Local Recording in 2010’ and ‘Best Rock Band in 2012, ‘Hocus’ has also recently recorded its first album, ‘Outside Your Door’ for Raunchola Productions and is mastered by legendary Jack Endino, in Seattle.

            Song titles, to date, include ‘Bipolar Girl’, ‘Here I Go’ and ‘My Insanity’ – music has been described as ‘saucy yet smooth’, ‘melodic rock’ and likened to a ‘smooth relaxing drink with a twist of razor blade’ – all with a pinch of raw punk thrown in for good measure.  The group has also been likened to such well established groups as the Sex Pistols, Nirvana and Iggy and the Stooges.  Two more songs are:  ‘It’s Been Ten Years’ and ‘Mary’s Fault’ – and the list goes on.  A further description referring to their music style is ‘razor edged rock’.  All very appropriate, from what I have been fortunate enough to hear so far.

            ‘Hocus’ has also recently appeared in the documentary ‘A San Diego Concert Film’, adding this to their growing resumes.  The group acts on a very simple strategy:  verse, chorus, verse, guitars, bass and drums.  And that’s it.  Three very talented young stars. 

            Their new album, ‘Outside Your Door’, due for release in fall of this year is full of the most amazing tracks.  I have had the pleasure of listening to many of them and the different genres – the way the members of ‘Hocus’ have presented these are just fantastic.  While the tracks vary immensely from each other, they are all very listenable and I found myself addicted to many of them.  Intentional or not, I felt that some of the tracks would appeal to most tastes and ages, young and old, alike.  Not all of them – a lot are very definitely for the young but there are some that I think really would appeal to a wider age group.  Well done ‘Hocus’.  I have yet to see the cover but methinks it will be nothing short of awesome, given everything else that this group has produced.

            This is another group to watch.  The future is out there – go and get it!

Story Source:   Lannah Sawers-Diggins and Fat Lando

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Photos:  Courtesy of Fat Lando

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