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1                   Please tell us a little bit about your background:

                     A:       I was born in Vietnam and was a refugee in Thailand before my uncle sponsored us to come live in Australia. I was around two years old when I came here. I cannot recall much of my childhood and there are no birth certificates, paperwork or photos. I can only trust what my parents tell me but even their memories are somewhat sketchy. It is very frustrating sometimes not knowing exactly what I had looked like as a baby and small child and when and where I was born however I have learnt to not dwell on the past.

My parents were hard working individuals and we were always considered ‘poor’ to our peers. While everyone else had new cars, big houses and nice furniture, we always had old rental homes that were infested with rodents and cockroaches, old musty second hand furniture and a car that rattled and blew so much smoke I swear it could be an old locomotive. But I was never embarrassed by my parents. I respected them and learnt at a young age that I despised the Asian traditions and social culture pressures. We were deemed ‘lowly’ to other Vietnamese families and often subjected to ridicule. I didn’t stand for it. I became quite vocal and often spoke my mind. I did the unthinkable in our culture – I spoke back to an adult. That often earned me many face slaps, hair pullings and backside smacks. I became what is known as the 'black sheep' of the family. I had earned the nickname ‘devil child’. All because I was quite outspoken, a tomboy and I was left handed. That last one was a major contribution to my nickname.

I became quite independent at an early age. I looked after my younger siblings while my parents were at work, I was always the one to discipline them and keep them in line.
It didn’t bother me that I was considered a ‘bad’ influence among our culture. I liked it. I didn’t think what I did was at all bad and that they were wrong and simple minded. I never did drugs, I don’t drink alcohol and never smoked in my life. All I did was become an independent young girl who didn’t take crap from anyone and was also left handed. Which probably explains why I never liked playing with dolls and only wanted to draw and write and read. I have heard left handed people were highly creative but I think it is just speculation.

2                   You are an actress, author, screenwriter, filmmaker, business owner.  Anything else to add to that rather impressive list?

          A:       Maybe model as I have done some modelling for photographers. Mainly creative shots. I have worked in the hospitality and retail industries for over fifteen years and I think my best accomplishments so far are raising three beautiful kids who are my universe.

3                   As an actress, have you had any formal training?

               A:           No, I have had no formal training. I have self taught myself. I realized having lack of money should not hold me back from achieving my dreams. I did extremely well in high school in drama and even volunteered at the local theatre company. I did some extra work in a Hollywood film and was cast in a commercial. I guess if you have passion and drive, nothing can get in the way of your dreams. I may not be a Shakespearean trained actor but that’s ok. I don’t need to be.

4                   What things have you acted in – TV, stage and/or big screen?  Please tell us about any.

                           A:              I have done some stage work during high school - was an extra in a Hollywood movie called 'Race the Sun' with Halle Berry, Jim Belushi, Casey Affleck and Eliza Dushku. I was in a local commercial and recently have done a few short films and trailers, working as an actor and as crew. I am currently in pre-production of my first debut short film which is written by me. I will be starring in it as well as co-producing and co-directing. Really excited about that.

5                   Have you always wanted to be in the entertainment industry?  Or was there something else you aspired to be when younger?

                           A:       Yes I was and still am a daydreamer. I used to fantasize about playing characters on screen - to bring my stories and dreams to life. I also wrote every day and drew. I was known amongst my peers as quite the artist. I used to win local competitions for my art and my stories. I was often inspired by my teachers to start publishing my stories but having traditional Asian parents who didn’t understand really hindered my goals for a while. They forbade my creative dreams. Until now.

6                   Are any of your family members or relations in ‘showbiz’?

                           A:         No. To this day I don’t think my parents know I am in this industry (haha).

7                   Have you ever been bullied?

                            A:        Yes. Since I was very little. In varying degrees.

8                   Whether you have been bullied or not, do you feel that the governments and schools around the world are doing enough to combat this problem?

                            A:           No I don’t think they are. But in saying that, even if they do implement something, can you really ever stop bullying?

9                   What more do you feel the above could do to try to either decrease this problem hugely or eliminate it altogether?

                            A:             Harsher penalties come to mind. But there are huge legal factors involved which makes it very difficult to work around. The law wants evidentiary proof, but there are quite a number of bullies who are very deceptive and utilise mind games which can be hidden. For example let’s take sociopaths. They are law abiding citizens and people think they are great. On the surface. But behind closed doors they are manipulative, deceptive and narcissistic. I find them more dangerous than psychopaths. They hide their true demeanor well from everyone else but the victim. Let me give an example which is currently happening to my close friend. Her ex husband is a RAAF officer. On the surface he is a charming man who will do what he can to help you out. Behind closed doors he was very controlling, dominant and during their marriage he would beat her. One time he even cracked her jaw. He managed to turn a strong woman who was ex-military, a law student and a nurse into a depressed battered woman with extreme PTSD. She had tried to take her own life to get away from him. When she finally had the courage she left him and had him charged for domestic violence, but it did not stop him. He would pretend he had changed his ways and was all charm again to let him inside her home. He used that opportunity to rape her. However since she couldn’t provide any proof he goes away unscathed. He has told all her friends and family she is mentally unstable, a prostitute and has bipolar etc. Her own mother doesn’t believe her and thinks she is too much trouble. This man has caused everyone to think she is crazy. I saw right through his lies. He has teamed up with her previous ex and they both bully her on a daily basis through texts, emails and phone calls. They had kidnapped her children not once but twice. The second time she tried to kill herself again as she couldn’t face life without her kids. They had almost succeeded in making her kill herself. Almost. She has tried almost everything. She has wrote countless letters, made many phone calls for help. The government and police believe his lies and think she should be locked up in the mental ward. It angers and frustrates me that these men get away with it while she suffers. She has lost her career, her kids and will soon lose her house because of them. 

Louise's story - coming soon

She is desperate to get her story out but everyone think she is just crazy. These are dangerous men who are very smart and dangerous. They will stop at nothing to get rid of her. They find her pain amusing and relish the fact that she is suffering. They have no interest in being full time fathers. Even an ex girlfriend of his came forward and confessed that he was obsessed with making my friend suffer. He hacks into her Facebook account, emails and bank accounts. He has even reported me to the police for something I said about him on Facebook which he shouldn’t have access to. That proves he is hacking illegally into our accounts. This is a dangerous sociopathic bully. One who gets away with it and will continue to do so because of stupid laws and the stigma with mental health. My friend is a dedicated and loving mother and her young boys are suffering without her. It breaks my heart.

10             As an author, what have you written?

                       A:             Mainly stories which are yet to be published and film scripts.

11             What and/or who are your inspirations?

                        A:               Many people and things inspire me. I love film, music and books. I love beautiful things and the way they are depicted.

12             What do you enjoy doing in your ‘spare’ time?

                       A:         I enjoy reading, writing and spending time with loved ones and good friends.

13             Have you acted with any very big names?

                       A:         Yes. Halle Berry, Jim Belushi, Casey Affleck and Eliza Dushku.

14             Have you done many media interviews?

                       A:         No I have not.

15             Are you managed professionally or do you represent yourself?

                       A:        Represent myself.

16             What is on the drawing board for Kim Huynh for 2014?

                       A:          I am currently working on my first short film. It is pre production. I will also begin my documentary later this year about domestic violence, sociopathic behaviour and mental abuse among partners with children. I am also making sure my online retail business will be up and running mid year.

17             Where do you see your career in ten years’ time?

                        A:          Among the big wigs in Hollywood haha. I can dream right? I see it making a big splash slowly and creating a respected name for myself, as a filmmaker, actress, business woman and of course, a mother.

18             Do you do any charity work?

                        A:          I used to sponsor a child years ago. I don’t do any charity work currently as I work each day and when I am not working at my job, I am working on my business and my film career which isn’t making me any money yet but hopefully one day.

19             Do you have a message you would like to impart to the world?

                       A:           Always trust your instincts. Treat others how you like to be treated. Be strong and remain positive. Those are mantras I like to live by.

20             Is there anything you would like to add?

                        A:         Victims of bullying and abuse always think they are alone. But they are not.  Somewhere, in this world, someone will care.  You're not alone.




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