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1                   Please tell us a little bit about your background; 

         A :        I was the youngest in my family, born in Victoria in 1986 into a Christian home.  My parents worked hard to instil good values and principles into my sisters and myself.  Throughout my teenage years, I struggled with following what they had taught me (as many young people do) but I eventually got back on track.

            These days I am a wife and mother of two beautiful boys, Noah and Elijah.  Even on dark days my husband and sons help keep me focussed on the beauty of the world.

            We are blessed to call Perth, Western Australia our home.

2                   Have you always wanted to be an entertainer or did you aspire to be something else when you were younger?

         A:       I have always had a fond interest in the arts professions and aspired to write and record my own music. However, I have studied youth work and community work as I also wish to work in one of those fields one day.

3                   Are any of your family and/or relations in the entertainment industry? 

         A:        While I am the only one in my family who likes to compose and perform Christian adult contemporary music, I am not the only musician. Many of my cousins on both sides of my family play an instrument or two and/or sing.

4                   What and/or who are your inspirations?

          A:         I am inspired by wholesome artists who deliver a positive and uplifting message through their art without compromising good moral standing. I am a fan of Christian artists, Brit Nicole, Natalie Grant, Toby Mac and 21 Pilots.

I am also inspired by my wonderful husband and children and I often write songs inspired by our journey through life and the personal experiences of those closest to me.

Sometimes I’ll find inspiration in the beauty or confusion of the world around me, or a favourite passage of Scripture.

5                  Are you professionally managed or do you represent yourself? 

                    A:           I represent myself…

6                  What musical instrument/s do you play? 

                     A:             Piano and vocals.  I hope to be able to play many more                 instruments one day - violin, saxophone, ukelele - the list goes on.

7                  Do you have any CDs out?

                     A:             I am in the process of tweaking my first EP titled, “Phoenix”. There are a few more additions and changes to be made before mastering and then it’ll be ready to share with the world at last!

            In the meantime, live recordings of some of my originals and cover songs can be found online.

8                  What do you enjoy doing in your ‘spare’ time? 

                     A:                I am generally kept quite busy by being a stay at home mum and home educator, but when I do get a spare moment I  like to play music, write, draw, paint, read a book, cook, do a puzzle or something quiet.

9                   Have you been bullied?

                      A:               I have been bullied as a child/teen because of my appearance. I have glasses, red hair and freckles and somehow that combination that gave peers ammunition and cause to taunt me.

10             Whether you have been bullied or not, do you feel that the governments and schools around the world are doing enough to try to combat this problem?

                       A:                 I don’t think all the responsibility of stopping bullying children can fall on those in the education system. Education starts at home. 

            Parents/guardians need to teach their children to respect themselves and those around them before they head off to school. Of course, there will still be bullies, but if we have instilled a healthy sense of self in our young people, they will be better equipped to deal with bullying, and more comfortable talking about it. Then, rather than repeatedly reprimanding bullies when they act out, provide them with specialised one on one meetings with a counsellor to try to uncover the cause for them bullying.

11              What more do you feel the above could do to either decrease this problem hugely, or eliminate it altogether?

                   A:                 Sadly, I don’t think bullying will ever be eliminated entirely. But as I said, if kids are comfortable in their own skin and on their own unique journey, then the words of bullies will not hurt as much.

12              On a personal level, is there anything you would like to do to help in the fight against bullying?

                   A:                 I have written a song about bullying, called 'Haunt You'.  It talks about the extreme one young person goes to in taking their own life after having felt ignored, rejected and misunderstood by their peers. Each of us has a responsibility to speak out when we see bullying. We cannot allow it to take care of itself because the damage it can cause could be irreversible.

13              If you have been a victim of bullying or some other form of adversity in your life, what did you do to overcome it?

                 A:                 As a young kid I did a little crying, then as I grew I became stronger and more confident. I would express my feelings in writing or art. It breaks my heart when my almost  four year old son comes home from kindy with reports of having been crying because he was “picked on by big boys”. The cycle is continuing generation after generation. It is the responsibility of my husband and I to teach our sons that they are perfect just as God has made them and not to listen to the bullies.

14              What is on the agenda for 2014?

                   A:               Completion and launch of Phoenix EP and there is always more writing and gigging to do.

15              Do you have a special message you would like to share with the world? 

                   A:                   Be kind! Kindness can change a persons whole day, week, month, even life.

John 13:34a A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you,

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