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1 Please tell us a little bit about your background;

      A:    I was born in Melbourne in the late 60's to Greek immigrant parents.
English was my second language so attending school and having to learn another language other than my parents'native language was somewhat difficult. I loved maths and music as well as just entertaining those around me! You could say that I was constantly feeling the need to gain approval or seek some feedback that what I was doing was appreciated!

2 You are an actor and a model. Have you always wanted to be an entertainer or did you aspire to be something else when you were younger?

     A:    I've always loved entertaining people and have been in several Easter/Christmas and cultural plays as a youngster in Greek school as well as English primary school and have performed with my English primary school choir to the point where we recorded an album of Christmas Carols! The performing arts were always in my blood, so to speak! As I grew older it became more difficult because the problems of adolescence came into play and I felt strongly discouraged to pursue more 'sensible' paths of employment rather than pursue an 'interest' or 'hobby' .

3 Is anyone else in your family and/or friends in entertainment?

   A:    My mum is actually a Greek school teacher so she's involved in putting together events and plays for festivals and the like at all the Greek cultural events, so I'd say she's the talented member of the family that I'm inspired by!

4 Are you professionally trained in both your skills? 

   A:     I'm not professionally or classically trained in either skill. I'm only just starting out in this industry at the suggestion of a childhood friend. I originally thought they were clinically insane for suggesting it, but since my separation from my wife last September and the loss of my job and shortly after my home, I felt I had nothing more to lose, so I took a shot and I'm still waiting to see what happens, although, so far it's been great just to be in this industry in ANY capacity!

Either way, I feel empowered and free to be doing something that I love instead of being stuck in a tedious job filled with repetition and drudgery!

5 As an actor, what have you appeared in?

  A:    As an actor, I've appeared in Series 2 of 'Mako Island' and I am in the movie 'San Andreas' with Dwayne Johnson. (Yet to be released)

6 As a model, what have you appeared in?
   A:      I haven't had any modelling assignments as yet.

7 Are you professionally managed or do you represent yourself?

    A:     Yes, I'm professional looked after by a talent agency.

8 Do you have a stage name?

    A:     I go by my own name 'Christos Liambas' .

I thought of adopting a stage name or 'nickname', but I'll leave that up to the agency to decide on when/if I become more well known. Right at this moment, I'm still just a background, non speaking 'extra'. But I love this industry!

9 What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

  A:   I have a MAAAAD passion for photography! Mostly landscape. I feel that nature is absolutely amazing! I also loooove live music! I have an eclectic taste ranging from ABBA to heavy metal, blues and jazz - virtually ANYTHING other than opera or hip-hop/rap! I love going and seeing virtually anyone play LIVE!

10 Have you ever been bullied?

      A:      Yes. All throughout my early childhood into my teens and early adulthood.

I always felt I didn't fit in because I didn't conform or see things in the conventional way that others saw things. I looked funny, talked funny, walked funny. Perhaps I needed to be thicker skinned or take things in my stride. Perhaps I was waaaay too sensitive, but just the thought of being excluded from things and laughed at and ridiculed and mocked based on my physical appearance or the way I talked or the way I did things differently felt incredible  -intensely hurtful! I would usually try to internalise it, but I was just a kid.

In any case, I felt like an outsider throughout my teen years especially and to this very day, a small part of that scarred childhood remains with me. The bullying may not be as severe or outward as the days of old, but it still surfaces to this very day on the odd occasion.

11 Whether you have been bullied or not, do you feel that the governments and schools around the world are doing enough to try to combat this problem?

      A:   That's a tough one. It seems like it's a not-so-hidden epidemic, or maybe it's a lot more noticed and talked about these days than it was back a generation or two ago. In some cases it seems that the system turns a blind eye to the problem and hopes it rights itself or hopes it goes away. I hope there's still an attempt being made to curb this insidiously abusive behaviour as it can have a totally devastating effect on a young, sensitive person's psyche! Especially if it leads that young person to internalise their feelings of inadequacy, resulting in self harm or perhaps even suicide!

We need to keep on top of it to make sure we're doing everything in our power to be there as a safe place to seek refuge for those poor souls that need our help!

12 What further do you feel the above could do to try to either decrease this problem hugely – or eliminate it altogether?

     A:     Give the culprits an opportunity to apologise in front of the whole school, as well as a written warning to cease their behaviour sent home to their parents (so that the parents can discipline them as they see fit as well). If the behaviour occurs a second time, they can be suspended or expelled depending on the severity of the offense !

13 On a personal level, what would you like to do to help in the fight against bullying?

     A:    I would be more than willing to assist in ANY way possible by being a 'go to' person such as a mentor or advisor/support person to talk to and support anyone who's going through the trauma of this ordeal.

14 What advice would you give to someone who is suffering through this nightmare at the moment?

      A:     Get in contact with someone and TALK THE ISSUE THROUGH... I KNOW that if you're sensitive type, that's the last thing you may want to do, but trust me, it always feels better just talking to someone who has been where you are and knows exactly how you feel. Someone that's going to support you and take your side and help you sort through things! Reach out and find a friendly ear. An older sibling, a friend, a parent, somebody close... or anybody far that you share a connection with.. In this age of interconnectivity a friendly ear is only a keyboard or smartphone away... Just reach out and get the support that you need. The problem isn't YOU, it's the bully. I know it's incredibly hurtful, what these bullies are doing, but they're COWARDS! Don't let them take away your power to choose your uniqueness , be who you are and be PROUD of it! Seek like-minded friends and get the support that you deserve!

15 What is on your professional agenda for the rest of 2014?

     A:      Hmmm.. Right now, I'm in between assignments, so I'll be scratching around for work in the general labouring as well as the acting trade. I hope to try and figure out a way to turn my love of photography into a paying hobby, but I love taking landscape shots, NOT portraits! So if I could combine my love of travelling with my love of Photography, then what a fantastic outcome THAT would be!

16 Is there anything further you would like to add?

     A:    Yes. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this project. If I can assist in making just ONE person's life a little easier or improving someone else's life even in the slightest, than I feel blessed and privileged that I helped in some small way to make my world a little nicer place to live in. Cheers Lannah and thank you once again!

17 Do you have a special message you would like to share with the world?

    A:    Let's ALL try and be a little more mindful of the fact that we are all part of a global community and we have but ONE place to call home. Let's treat our world and each other with the respect that we wish to be treated with ourselves. Let's protect our children and prepare them with the skills they'll need to carry on after we're gone. And let's try and leave this place a little more cleaner and safer and happier than the state that we found it in when WE arrived!



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