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Katja Glieson is the new Australian Popstar gaining international attention for her original music and videos, with her urban pop caramel voice and her ‘naughty but nice’ cheeky grin.
The 20 year old singer/dancer/actress/writer has written and produced an EP, a series of award winning concept music videos, and performed at major festivals around the United States to huge crowds, after leaving her home and family back in Australia and giving it all to her dreams. Katja sees living her passion and dream of entertaining and performing her music and art as a way of connecting with people to make a difference to their lives. 
Katja not only writes her own catchy pop songs, ranging from the inspirational ‘Shooting Star’ to the club beat party song ‘Commando’, and the hip hop/pop infusion ‘Hot Mess’, she also has produced incredibly unique and engaging award winning music videos / short films to drive the story behind her life and the characters she plays. These various ‘episodes’ have won various awards, such as Best Music Video 2013 at the California International Shorts Film Festival, The Wild Ace Award at Las Vegas Film Festival, Gold Award at Beat 100, as well as being nominated at Phoenix Comicon, Shockfest, World Music and Independent Film Festival

Katja also works with one of LA’s top up and coming producers, Trend Def, the first single with them being “Look At Us”, which opens her live show.

In 2014, she has performed on the mainstage at LA PRIDE and Capital Pride to huge crowds with her full energetic show with her dancers, performed at SXSW with GoGirls Music as well as many other festivals and events around Los Angeles. She has also been selected to work or perform with OC PRIDE, Tuscon Pride, Brooklyn Pride, LiveNation, Palisades Rock the Fourth, FemaleFlow, Klickpush, Coast2Coast, The Chris Black Show, The Dutch Guy, Conrad’s Corner Radio Show, Melody’s FlipCam Webisodes, NBC Radio, CBS Radio, Indie 100 Radio, and many others, as well as official spokesperson for the Love All Humans, the Norristown Project, and the NOH8 organisation. She is an advocate for Marriage Equality, No Hate/Anti-bullying, True Feminism, and speaks out about these topics from stage and in interviews, and also tours to High Schools with PACE with her live show and speaks about bullying, staying in school and how to reach your goals and dreams in life.

Katja is an incredibly versatile and engaging live performer, singing live all of her songs, but also combining highly energetic dance sequences in an intense and theatrical show. She has toured all over Australia to hundreds of thousands of live audience members, as well as throughout the United States with her dancers.

Katja’s journey and her engaging videos, along with her sometimes cheeky but also heartfelt lyrics set her up as the next big thing in the popstar world, but she isn’t about the fame or fortune. She truly wants everyone to feel what she was never able to and what she has always tried to make everyone around her feel – unconditionally loved. That’s why she calls it her ‘popcult with no exclusions’, because she believes that no matter where you’ve come from, what’s happened to you or even whatever you’ve done in your life, you still deserve to be loved and have all your dreams come true.

1    You are an actor and a musician.  Have you always wanted to be an entertainer or did you aspire to be something else as you were growing up?

I am        A:         both an actor and musician/singer. Ever since I was a little girl I was entertaining everyone and anyone who would listen. I remember at one point, when I was obese, I thought that maybe I wasnt allowed to be in the entertainment industry because of my size. I considered being a counsellor as I know mine was always so kind to me when I was being bullied. Later, I realized it had nothing to do with my size. People of all shapes and sizes are allowed to pursue their dream. 

3                     2   Is anyone else in your family and/or friends in entertainment?

My          A:     My older sister is an amazing actress. She is literally the most captivating actress I have ever seen. I am so proud to be her sister. I certainly always looked up to her growing up. She is my role model.

4                 3    What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

               A:     Spare time? Haha - youre talking to an indie artist here! We have no spare time. It is filled with rehearsal, writing, recording, social media, interaction with the people who support us.

5                      4          Are you formally trained in both your skills?

                A:      I guess you could say I have had formal training in both acting and singing, but personally, I have seen so many talented and successful artists who haven’t had any. I could never afford too much training, but I always saw it as a form of self discovery. Discovering who you are and how to express yourself. 

6                     5           As an actor, what have you appeared in?
I                A:    I have done numerous short films in both Australia and America. I was the lead female in an indie feature film called 'Blockhouse Blues' and 'The Elmore Beast” alongside Marcus Graham. It was so amazing working with such a fantastic actor. I even had one of my early songs in the film.

I        I also have a series called “Terminium City” which is like a television series with music videos. A whole new concept that has been nominated and won many USA film festivals including, California International Shorts Film Festival, Las Vegas Film Festival, Phoenix Comicon Film Festival, Shockfest Film Festival and World Music and Independent Film Festival.

7                    6            As a musician, what instruments do you play?

                 A:     I play the piano, and use it when I write my songs.

 7      Do you also sing?  What genre/s?
         A:       I sing pop primarily, but I also rap and use some jazz inspired tones.
I was originally trained as a jazz singer, then I did musical theatre, until I found my home in pop.

10                8      Have you ever been bullied?

Ahh          A:     Yes I have. I grew up overweight. I think the largest I got to was 95kgs (200lbs) and I was constantly teased about my weight. Not only that, my bullies also were physical. One boy used to search for me every morning so he could punch me in the face. My “friends” used to push my face into brick walls - I was pushed into garbage bins and into the boys' toilets. Not the best childhood memories. But even though I have lost the weight, I still get bullied online. A lot of people make up anonymous profiles and say terrible things about me. I have had a lot of men taunt me. And try to bully me into having sex with them. (IT NEVER WORKS LOL) But it breaks my heart that people feel so down about themselves that they have to infect someone.  In some ways I feel that's worse than what happened when I was a child.

11               9                Whether you have been bullied or not, do you feel that the governments and schools around the world are doing enough to try to combat this problem?
I c              A:      I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to combat this issue. Unfortunately due to technology it's getting worse. We have internet bullies and trolls as well as the bullies at school. I believe the government is trying. But I think they aren’t quite on the right path. I used to work for a children’s theatre company in Australia called “Alpha Shows” - it is an independently run company with NO government funding. They bring these huge, amazing theatrical rock concerts to schools along with big sets, lights, sound equipment etc. The children are so engaged and entertained. Within these shows they have common themes. For example, 'Hunchback of Notre Dame' deals with bullying. 

N       The difference about how this works is nothing short of a miracle. 'Alpha Shows' encourages the audience to help the lead character by searching within themselves. It's about being responsible for your own emotions and having empathy. 

It is      The first company that I have ever seen that wants to not only help the victims of bullying but also encourage others to understand, love and help the bullies. Because there is always a reason why someone is hurting so much they have to project it onto another.

I           I  would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for 'Alpha Shows'. By working with them, I was able to overcome so much of what happened to me.

10       What further do you feel the above could do to either decrease this act hugely – or eliminate it altogether?

O                A:     Ah - that's easy. The government should get behind 'Alpha Shows' and support them. Make sure every single school has their shows ever year. Many schools have already started to develop a health and wellbeing program but this will get them over the line. No doubt in my mind. You cannot preach to people - you have to give them an emotional experience. It's the only way to make a difference.

13                 11         On a personal level, what would you like to do, over and above what you are already doing, to help in the fight against bullying?
I                 A:    I  won’t fight against bullying. That's the first mistake I could make. But I know what you mean by it. I am currently performing my music and bringing my story to high schools, communities and Pride Festivals. I think it's important people hear from someone who has genuinely been through it. Or still does deal with it.

14                    12         What advice would you give to someone who is suffering through this nightmare at the moment?
                   A:     Ok - well first of all I am so sorry to anyone who is going through any type of bullying or abuse. It is a terrible thing that is completely unfair and it should not happen. The simplest way to explain is that it has nothing to do with you! You are wonderful and amazing. It all has to do with the bully. The bully is the one who is in so much pain that they have no idea how to express it but to lash out at the first person who triggers their fears and anger. So please understand the bully. I know it may seem like they don’t deserve your love and understanding, but they are human too. It is not in our nature to be horrible to one another. For me, knowing that the reason why the girl at school called me S27 (27 nasty words starting with S to describe me) - she was going through a really hard time at home. Her parents were really hard on her. They treated her unlovingly and judged her so much she had to take it out on me.

15                13          What is on your professional agenda for the rest of 2014?
I                 A:     I am currently doing a concert series with 'P.A.C.E Shows'  for summer called 'Summer Night Lights', where we go to parks in the community and entertain the families. We also have food and drinks because we are aware, when school isn’t running in summer, a lot of children go hungry. It’s also facilitated by the LAPD to stop gang violence over summer, by having a place people can go and have fun. I tour with P.A.C.E during the school terms promoting education and speaking out about bullying and obesity. 
I          I am so excited to perform with the 'O.M.G Girls' July 9 for the 'All Stars Celebrity Basketball Game' at the mid America Centre.
 I        I am doing 'O.C Pride' August 9, headlining with Bonnie McKee.  
T        Also 'Tucson Pride' October 18. You can also see my events ww.katjaglieson.com/events

16               14              Have you worked alongside any well known names?
I h              A:    I have had the privilege to headline 'LA Pride' with Azealia Banks and Jennifer Hudson and 'Capital Pride' with Bonnie McKee, Karmin, Betty Who and Rita Ora.



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