Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Please welcome the amazing Monica Perrett - mum, grandmother, award winner and nominee, law changer and fighter for human rights.

Please tell us a little bit about your background;
I am a mum of six children and grandmum of one.  I always stick up for the underdog and fight for what I believe is right.

You are a mother of six children.  Do you work as well?  Please tell us about that;
Yes, I am an aged care worker.  I have been in this profession for thirteen years.

You have also experienced considerable tragedy over the years.  Do you want to describe some of that, please?
My fourteen year old son ran away from home - the law is NOT on your side at all, so I had to fight the justice system to get the Police Commissioner to try to change the laws about runaway teens.  My children have experienced bullying at school - I found NO help at all with any of the principals.

One of your children has died - but as an adoptive parent you were powerless to help in any way.  Thus you worked to get the law changed - can you tell us about that please?
My foster son FINN passed away suddenly - I was told as a foster parent I had NO RIGHTS now that he was dead, so I have been campaigning with different ministers in SA to get FINN's LAW put through, so when a foster child passes away in your care, the foster parents have every right to have a say in their funeral etc....hopefully this year, 2015, FINN's LAW will be made a bill in parliament for ALL foster parents.

You also donate a lot of your time and money to varying charities.  Do you want to tell us about that?
Barnardos - they help with children who cannot live at home for various reasons.  Smith Family - they help children to go to school when their parents can't afford it.

Your family/children have experienced bad times with being bullied at school, resulting in the family being forced to move.  Please tell us about that;
My children suffered bullying at school because they were quiet, polite and refused to be a part of the gang.  They refused to go to school in the end, making up excuses, feeling sick all the time and each time I went up to the school to get it sorted - it was basically put in the too hard basket.  NOTHING WAS DONE.  I had to end up taking my kids out of that school.

You have also been nominated and several several awards.  Do you want to tell us about that too please?
I won Barnardos Mother of the Year for SA in 2014, Pride of Australia Medal in the care and compassion area with the work that I am doing to try to bring on FINN's LAW for foster parents.  I won the award for Most Inspirational People in SA in 2014.

You have worked as a carer for the disabled for about twelve years.  Is this what you are doing now?
I am on a break at the moment as I have full custody of my thirteen month old grand daughter - so she takes all my time at the moment.

What do you see for yourself in the future?
I want to be in parliament, I want to be a voice for the children who don't have a voice.  I WILL make a difference in parliament.  WHY?  Because I actually care about the well being of ALL children.

What and/or who inspires you?
People that I have met and become friends with that put GOD first and foremost - it's not easy - people who have been through so much, faced rock bottom but still get up and fight for what they believe in; people who put their family first, people who are genuine and honest, people who want to make a difference.

What do you enjoy doing in your 'spare' time?
Not that I have much spare time, but I enjoy reading, listening to Michael Jackson or classical music.

Is there anything further you would like to add to this interview?
Always believe in yourself.  You can do anything.  DON't let people put you down.  It only takes one person to change someone's mind, a law, even parliament.  Why not let that one person be YOU.

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