Tuesday, November 3, 2015


1  Please tell us a little bit about your childhood/background:

Born in Germany and arrived in Australia in 1964.

'No Glory For Me' is an auto-biography which leads up to my becoming Australia's first registered, professional female boxer, dual Victorian Champion and Australian Champion Kickboxer. It continues to be my downfall years later, including time spent in psychiatric care and a criminal conviction. In brief, it is a summary of the price I paid for fame.

The book begins with the court room scene that changed my life forever. The first chapter covers my arrival at a migrant hostel in Victoria, Australia from Germany in the early 60s. The struggle to survive and overcome racism and associated physical violence.

At 19 I opened my first 'women only' gay bar and shortly afterwards, a second. A car accident found me reassessing life's values and several events led me to join a local boxing gym. I trained until 1982 when, disillusioned after failing to be granted my professional boxing licence and just missing out on an opportunity to stage the 'first official women's bout', I retired.cha

I eventually returned to the boxing arena and after several years of persistently challenging the system, was granted my boxing licence and became the first official, professional female boxer in the country.

I also had the first official female fight in Australia.

Due to a lack of opponents, I later joined a kickboxing dojo where I was promised a shot at a Victorian title.

I was drugged and raped by my trainer/manager a few days before my first match. I had to make a decision - should I go to the police even though there were no witnesses and I had no real proof, or should I say nothing and continue training? The auto-biography continues to take the reader through to the end of my career and what follows.

2  You are a professional boxer as well as a kickboxing champion. Have you always wanted to be in this profession or did you want to be something else as you were growing up?

I wanted to be a vet. But my life became one of street survival and I learnt at a young age that the tough guy gets left alone.

3  How do you feel having the above titles? Australia's First Professional Female Boxer and Australian Super Bantamweight Kickboxing Champion?

I am proud of my achievements.

4  As the above, have you won any/many titles and/or awards?

I won countless martial arts tournaments in full and semi-contract fights.

5  Have you travelled the world on the boxing circuit?

No - as per the above synopsis my career was cut short.

6  Have you done many media interviews?

Yes - at this time I was constantly in the media.

7  How do your family/friends feel about your chosen career?

I had lots of friends while I was winning and very few towards the end when I needed them..

8  What do you enjoy doing in your 'spare' time?

Playing drums and writing are my passions.

9  What are your short and long term professional goals?

To make this book into a movie. To continue writing and to be able to hold webinars and seminars to help others speak out.

10  Do you support many causes? Can you please tell us about them?

Yes - Animals Australia and the Cerebral Palsy League and those who can't speak for themselves.

11  Is there anything further you would like to add to share with the world?

To all the manipulators, predators and bullies - watch out!

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