Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Life just gets better and better.  I was on TV today.  Interviewed yesterday.  About migraines.  I am a past sufferer of chronic migraines and those that I suffer from now would be considered debilitating to non-sufferers.  However, given the suffering I endured for around twenty five odd years, these pains are pure heaven.  Well as close to pure heaven as pain CAN be.  As part of a migraine and pain item for the news on one particular channel, I was asked if I would be prepared to be interviewed, having already done so through a local community newspaper.  Absolutely, says me.  And after a week of breaking news interrupting the efforts of the journalist involved and me meeting, we finally did it.  Well that's not strictly true.  A different journalist altogether visited me at home, with a cameraman and conducted the interview in our dining room on Monday.   Interview went well.  I managed to wix my mords only once, right at the start, and along with most of the interview, that was all edited out anyway.  I was texted by a friend this morning with the news that she had just seen me on TV so we knew it was going to be aired tonight.  Only problem was - we all thought it was going to be the current affairs programme, not the news.  Surprise, surprise - it was on the news, shortened/edited heavily and I am the only one in my family to see it - and that was by accident.  Ah well.  But I do have to admit to being disappointed - they did a good job overall and I am told that my role was extremely good and certainly got the point across.  My disappointment lies in the fact that part of the reason I no longer suffer such intense, severe and regular migraines is because of my epiphany.  The epiphany I had one birthday about four years ago.  The epiphany that turned my life around - made me face those things that I have always wanted to do but never known how - write and publish books and all that I mentioned in my last blog posting.  The day my life began.  It was also when my stress levels lowered drastically (I mean, hey, they'll never go away completely - no-one is absolutely stress-free and I am one of those who, if I don't have something to worry about I'll find something!!) and keeping myself very busy, almost too busy, doing things that I love with a passion - well, my migraines all-but disappeared.  Granted, I am being told I am 'one in a million' and that this is something that rarely happens and I know all that and I do consider myself to be very, VERY lucky because this has happened to me.  Now I just want to enjoy my family, my job, my books and helping people, trying to make a difference with my anti-bullying advocacy and my elderly stories project.  I am increasingly being told how passionate I sound about all that I do - and that's because I am exactly that - enormously passionate.  But because I am so happy, so full of life, at the ripe young age of 56 - why shouldn't I want to share this with others?  Try to inspire others, particularly people who are suffering in some way, migraines or anything else.  So I'm having another go at the TV channels and will continue to until someone sits up and takes notice.

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