Friday, August 24, 2012


I received the following during the week:

'My 13 year old son was assaulted at school last Thursday.  He was pushed to the ground, punched twice in the chest and strangled to the point he was fighting to breathe.
He told no-one as he was petrified of the outcome.
When he got home from school, he told me what happened.  I just lost it - I was so emotional it couldn't contain myself.
After checking him, I found a few scratches on his neck and some redness, I took photos of those. I rang the police who told me there was nothing that they could do because it happened on school grounds.  I explained to them again louder, that my son was assaulted, again 'mam there is nothing we can do'.
I rang the school principal, who the next day, spoke to the boy who assaulted my son, the boy said he didn't know his own strength, two witnesses said that they thought my son was playing.  
Then the principal said to me that he does not believe that the matter is assault or bullying and that the matter is closed.
My son is too scared to go back to school so he spoke to the principal over the phone.  My son told  him everything that happened an also told him that this same boy had been bullying him for a few weeks.  Jacob told him that was not playing and that he was choking - he said he didn't speak to a teacher because he didn't want to be known as a wimp.  The principal then informed my son that he does not believe that it is a bullying matter nor an assault.
That as far as he is concerned the matter is closed.  My son has not been back to school since last Thursday, he doesn't know if he will be called a wimp etc.  Since my son has been home from school his sister and twin brother have had this boy go up to them saying my son is not at school because he is a wimp and a baby.
I contacted Today Tonight.  They have been doing stories on bullying for a few weeks - they are coming out to my house next week to do a story on this.  
Children have the right to feel safe at school, if your principal won't believe you, then what hope do kids have  The police - I am so incredibly disappointed in them - no wonder there are so many teenage suicides, people don't take bullying seriously.

NOW tell me that the wonderful system currently in place is working!!!!  It's NOT.  

This story is being sent to all Ministers of Education around the nation, including the Federal one, along with the major magazines.  This is completely out of control and given that the governments (Federal and state) have been gloating about new legislation having been introduced for many different things, bullying included - there is absolutely no reason WHY it cannot be done for bullying in schools.  

We are also in the process of contacting the magazines which cater for the young and vulnerable minds in Australia, with the hope of writing appropriate articles on bullying (for free, we are only trying to help the victims) for these magazines.  I will not be sparing feelings except for those of the victims.

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