Saturday, September 15, 2012

Life continues to be FANtastic.  Something exciting seems to happen daily at the moment - whether big or small - it happens and it's all soo good.  But I am only human (or so I keep trying to convince myself) and do have my 'downers' - the nastier of these in the past might have kept me down - but they don't any more.  I recover from the initial hit, look at the problem, then simply go around it - upward and onward.  And every day I make sure (not that it's exactly hard - I love it all so much) I achieve at least one thing on my 'to do' list with each of my books or causes.  I have always been a phonophobic (is that a word??? - I hate using the phone - will avoid it in every way possible - thank goodness for email) but I am even starting to actually talk to people via the telephone, just about daily too.  While that would not be considered an achievement to most - normal people - it is for me but, hey, I have never claimed to be normal - whatever that is!!!

While I am a non-fiction writer I have recently been asked to consider using my creativity and imagination (what creativity and imagination????) to write short stories.  I believe this would be delving in the realm of fiction.  So I have actually begun doing this and will possibly - very possibly actually, add them to my blog.

I will also be repeating my 'Edge of the Outback' from time to time, along with 'The Year My Life Began' and other pieces as I write them.  Just to make sure no-one forgets them of what I am 'all about'.

Stay tuned.

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