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Another name to remember - KIM TILLMAN.  This 25 year old from the USA is another star in the making - and she has also been the victim of bullying.  Not physical, but psychological which can be just as dangerous.  

Kim had a dream - and has set out to achieve it.   In Kim's debut album and video series:  'Chronicles of a Rising Star: Inception'  she tells the story behind her dream.  I have heard this young lady in action and was bowled over by her amazingly velveteen voice - velveteen and so smooth, yet very, very powerful.  And super sexy dance moves to boot - this lady is a true star.  

To give a bit of Kim's background - she was born in Columbia, SC and raised in Charlotte, NC, in humble beginnings.  She has three siblings, all girls and sadly, does not recall really fitting in - anywhere.  She felt she was skinny with buck teeth, acne, unruly hair - and also that she was a huge nerd.  And for this reason she threw herself into academia - she therefore did extremely well in her schooling and was a leader in everything she participated in.  BUT this is only what people thought - and Kim was happy to let them.  She actually hated high school and, sadly, home wasn't a lot better.  So she did what so many in similar situations did and still do - she shut herself away and wrote - just wrote - until she felt somewhat better.  

Thank goodness for her grandmother, who saw 'something' in Kim and became her biggest fan and supporter.  She encouraged her granddaughter to use music and dancing as a way to release this pent-up stress, while also encouraging her to leave NC.  So she did.  Kim moved onto university in a different city - but in 2007, her freshman year, she lost both her grandmothers.  Naturally this left the young girl devastated and she lost confidence in being around other people - she also decided that she was going to find a cure for cancer, which was the reason both her grandmothers died.  Kim sank into a deep depression - but she forced herself to keep on keeping on and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry before starting graduate school, studying medicine.  Which she actually hated.  That same feeling of not being able to fit in returned with a vengeance.

However, it was during this time that music re-entered her life and she realised where her absolute passion lay.  While there she met the founder and CEO of Fly Trap Music Productions and therein lay the start to Kim's future.  With this professional help and guidance along with the chance meetings of others in the entertainment industry, Kim's star began rising.  Her dreams were being realised.  She has discovered the entire experience also to be very much a learning curve - including working to deadlines.  But as she said, she was continually blessed to meet such talented people who were all wanting to help her succeed.  

And so this amazing story continues and this equally amazing young lady's star is rising - quickly.  

In weeks to come, I will be interviewing and publishing Kim's story along with those of other rising young stars who have been bullied and are using their experience to help others through their music/modelling/acting/whatever they are doing.

Again, watch out world.  Kim is on her way.

     Chronicles Of a Rising Star
     Real Kim Tillman

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