Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Actually I am not sure that that heading is appropriate – I have had the huge honour of seeing and hearing some of the works of this amazingly talented young lady and, to me, I think she is already there.  Or very, very close to it.

Please allow me to present this 17 year old American beauty – actress, model and singer Meredith O’Connor.  Not only is this amazing young lady very talented, she is also extremely nice and very genuine – and she is a leader in the fight against bullying.    

Meredith is inspiration personified – she has incorporated her fight against bullying into the theme for some of her music.  Hailing from New York, she has trained in theatre, dance, pop vocals, classical music; she has appeared on Broadway along with such local productions as ‘Annie’, ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ and ‘Grease’.  In short, Meredith loves performing – she is very much at home on the stage and I consider it wonderful that she found her passion so young – and is doing something about it.  Using her voice - which is getting louder.

Meredith is a victim of bullying.  At school.  She was picked on because she didn’t fit in.  Apparently she was too tall, too weird, too skinny, no good at this or that – she has had a horrible time.  But she has used this experience for the good, to become absolutely unique.  She is an official advisor for reachout.com which is an information and support service and magazine for the young to reach out to.  She is also a member of It Gets Better and has recently appeared in an upcoming independent film, ‘Red-Headed Randy’ – which is an anti-bullying horror film with the very simple aim of attraction attention.  The film’s soundtrack will feature one of Meredith’s songs:  ‘The Game’.

She is also about to release her debut EP, which includes songs which focus on her personal experiences and beliefs. 
In short this young lady is going places.  She is very much an intriguing young artist, using her growing ‘roar’ to help in the fight against bullying.

In coming weeks, I will be featuring a series of ‘progress’ interviews about this amazing young lady. 

All I can say is:  watch out bullies and watch out world.

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