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Journey to Purpose Coach, Counsellor at Journey to Purpose Coaching, Author, Founder & Editor for 'Women's Lifelink' magazine - and much more

1                   Please tell us a little bit about your background?

              A:   I was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana - USA; a Midwest girl with aspirations of changing the world in some way - though…I had no idea how I would accomplish such a lofty goal.  I guess I just always felt like something important was lingering around the corner. 

Growing up in a broken home and with an alcoholic parent, I found identifying ideal family life difficult at times.  That challenge, however, did not stop me from wanting to marry and raise children.

I soon discovered at the young age of 18 one of those “important” dreams was, indeed, being a mom. I now have six beautiful children (three of whom have grown up and left the nest).

2                   What made you decide to launch ‘Women’s LifeLink’?

                A:  'Women's LifeLink' was originally a concept for a live women's group that held meetings and hosted wellness events.  Though I wanted this to come to pass, my plans stalled when I was diagnosed with Chronic Migraine and could not bear the physical demands of such a group. 

A couple of years later someone suggested I create a blog to earn extra income from home.  I only needed to come up with a theme and topics for online content.  I remembered the 'Women’s LifeLink' concept and still thought I could be a support to women even though I was ill.  This newbie blogger stumbled through the first year or so but found it extremely rewarding and worth every minute I put into it.  

Now in its 5th year, WLL has established a treasure trove of quality content read by women (and men) all over the world.

3      Can you tell us a little about the process of setting up an online publication?

            A:  Firstly, make sure it’s something you can commit to…websites/blogs are like hungry babies.  They require your attention often, need quality content - and undying patience…not to mention thick skin to weather rude comments, spam and marketing companies, trying to buy ad space for Viagra, online poker, and adult toys. 

Seriously, building an online presence is hard work.  If you can get the advice of a webmaster or at least someone who has some experience, do it.  Also, don’t think that what you start with is what you will end up with.  WLL has gone through several theme and design changes over the years.  No regrets, in other words.

4                   Have you always been in the publishing business, either online or print?

              A:  No, but I had some experience in printing, writing, and editing.

5                   What did you aspire to in your childhood & youth?

            A:  I really wanted to be a veterinarian as a child…then a singer.  I always loved to write though.  After a college professor recognized my writing talent, I finally took it seriously enough to explore the field and take some creative writing courses.   And, then there was that brief flirtation with wanting to be a cop!

6                   Have you met and/or interviewed any celebrities through your magazine?

              A:   I haven’t met any celebs in person but have interviewed NYC singer, songwriter Kalen Lister, several authors and musicians, corporation CEOs and medical professionals.

7                 Who and/or what are your inspirations?

               A:   I am inspired by women who reach for their dreams and don’t give up until they have succeeded.  It’s incredible to see someone change her life, especially in adverse conditions.  Knowing we live in a world of infinite possibilities also gets my blood pumping! 

8                   What other positions/jobs have you held, prior to being editor of ‘Women’s LifeLink’?

              A:  I’m what you call a “Jane of all Trades”.  I’ve worked in printing, interior design, retail sales, skin care, owned a book store and a vintage collectible shop, and now, I am a writer, a passionate messenger to women and a life coach.

Kellie, her son Judah, aged 16 and daughter Kayla

9                  What do you enjoy doing in your ‘spare’ time?

             A:   Laughing out loud…come again?  Spare time?  Really?  No, seriously, I don’t have much of that right now.  But, if you must know, I do love reading, gardening and scouring thrift stores for vintage treasures.

10             You are also a mum.  How do you juggle it all?

            A:  Hence my answer to the “spare time” question…I drop the ball(s) a lot.  It’s tough sometimes, but I consider myself efficiently competent but sensibly only human; therefore, I try not to judge myself too badly for the bumps and bruises…or the train wrecks.

11             You are good at arm wrestling and you also meditate.  Please remind me to stay on your good side!  These are therapeutic tools for you?  What else do you do?

            A:  Though I never thought of slamming someone’s arm down on the table in victory “therapy”, it is somewhat rewarding to win stuff every once in a while.  Meditation is breath to me.  If I slack off, it shows in my attitude, health and connection to people, God and the universe.

I love to cuddle with my pets.  One of my cats actually sucks on my earlobe daily…and I thought I was done nursing babies.

12             What is your ‘guilty pleasure’, if you have one?

            A:  Well, since I found out over a year ago that a gluten (wheat) intolerance was causing my chronic headache problem, I’m not supposed to eat it.  However, there are a few gluten-infused foods I do indulge in occasionally.  My faves are coconut cream pie, Chinese cuisine and Pecan Sandies. 

13             Have you ever been bullied?

            A:   I wasn’t bullied regularly but did experience occasional random taunting for various reasons.  I was pretty flat-chested until after I had my first child, so I frequently was accused of stuffing my bra. I’m a D-cup presently…no need for toilet paper anymore.

My older brother, on the other hand, was bullied…often.  We walked to school nearly every day and were frequently detained by several neighbourhood boys who found teasing him an uplifting event.  I stood up for him more often than he did for himself.  So, I’m definitely not ignorant to how bullying hurts and causes emotional scars.

14             Whether you have been bullied or not, do you feel that the governments and schools worldwide are doing enough to combat this act?

              A:  It does seem there is more being done now than ever before in history.  The bullying events that happened in my childhood would hardly be tolerated in today’s schools.  I really believe awareness is the key to ending it.  Every brave girl, boy, man and woman who comes forward to speak about their experiences paves the way for legislature and those in authoritative positions in our communities to take effective action.

15             What more do you feel they could do to either decrease bullying hugely or eliminate it altogether?

           A:  There could by harsher penalties, maybe even legal ramifications, for the act of certain types of bullying.  I’m really not sure what the current laws state, but if kids knew they might be arrested or face criminal charges, they might think twice about engaging in senseless acts of cruelty.

16             What aspirations do you have for the magazine in ten years?

         A:  Wow, that’s a long way away!  I’d like to see it go the distance; however, who knows what technology will arise within that time frame.  Increasing readership and the strength of the community will always be a front-running goal.

17             Is ‘Women’s LifeLink’ in print as well as an ezine?

              A:    No, WLL has never been a print publication. 

Kellie's beautiful little women - (l-r) - Kori 29, Kayla 27, Abbey 21, McKenna 18, Lyric 5

18             What is next in the pipeline for Kellie Stone?

            A:  I am finishing my second non-fiction book called ‘The Butterfly Payoff: a women’s guide to discovering purpose, fulfilling dreams, and getting paid for it!’ This work is extremely important for my career as a life coach and messenger to women.  There is also some prods to create an internet radio program.  Of course, all of this is much more likely to manifest after my five-year-old daughter goes to school.  And, speaking of pipelines, I’m going to be a grandmother very soon!

19             Do you have a message you would like to impart to the world?

            A:   My dream is that every woman would know and embrace her authentic self, engage her unique purpose, and fulfil every dream that brings joy and energy.  Don’t give up on yourself no matter how hard things get and how far you wander from your dreams.  The path you are on now is the one that leads to your purpose…or at least to the next path.

20             Is there anything else you would like to add?

            A:  I believe every woman has a story and message to tell the world.  I always look for courageous ladies to join our contributor and expert teams at Women’s LifeLink. Anyone interested in sharing written content to the community, please visit Submit Your Story/Article.



'Women's LifeLink' cover

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